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For Driving Directions to Balboa Island please Click HERE: MAP QUEST and enter your starting location. AND DON’T FOLLOW ANY DIRECTIONS USING THE FERRY UNLESS YOU HAVE AN HOUR TO WAIT IN LINE TO TAKE A THREE MINUTE RIDE ACROSS THE BAY (The Ferry Line can be HOURS long in the summer).  USE THE BRIDGE AT THE END OF JAMBOREE ROAD!!!

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Take the Ferry to Balboa Island or Take the Bridge at the end of Jamboree Road
Welcome to Balboa Island...where the cats are numerous fat and lazy, the dogs are spoiled, the houses are quaint and enchanting, and the living is creative and carefree. You can spend your day walking around our beautiful boardwalk, boating, biking, shopping, or lounging.
Don’t be surprised when you can’t choose between mouth watering mandarin, authentic mexican, spicy italian, premium prime-rib, rack of lamb, or good ol’ broiled burgers. And as your fun-filled day comes to a close and you watch the sun gently set in glittering hues of orange and red.... .. . . . . . . .


The 21st annual Balboa Island Parade celebrating the star spangled and close-knit islands (big and little) and the beginning of the summer season was held last Sunday.

Tradition dictates that the parade is held the first Sunday of June. Thank you Balboa Island for a magical parade.

Vintage cars made their way down Marine Avenue. A ‘54 Packard, ‘57 Bel Air, ‘55 Chevy, ‘40 Woody and a ‘31 Model A Roadster drew from our country’s rich automobile heritage. I rode in a ‘68 Ford Mustang.  It was bright red and the chrome sparkled in the sunlight of a glorious June day.

Thousands of spectators lined the street. Military personnel of every conflict from Pearl Harbor to present-day took part in the parade. There were two survivors from Pearl Harbor as well as other WW II survivors.

American Legion Post #291 was a great supporter this year – many members marched in the parade including the Color Guard, Rifle Squad, and Balboa Island Parade-147carriers of the Service Flags for each branch of the military.

Notable this year was Pearl Avenue’s honoring of 13 veterans representing the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force and who all reside on the street.
There were hip hop dancers, Scouts, school bands, dogs, dogs and more dogs. Local kids were on decorated bikes and skate boards. Patriotic music played everywhere. Local bands included Nomads Surf Band, Retros and the Bachelors.

There were flags on the bridge and along Marine Avenue. The merchants decorated their storefronts with red, white and blue bunting. The Newport Harbor Republican women had flag pins on ribbons available for each veteran who marched or was a spectator at the parade.

The Keystone Kops maintain safe and smooth parade operations. The unexpected can happen at any moment. I remember the year the antique fire truck stalled out on the bridge. No show stoppers this year.

Our Fire Chief and Police Chief participated in the parade. Andi Rohrer does a thorough job making arrangements for the City Council. Every Council Member participated and appreciates the community driven efforts necessary for the parade to flourish.
126 Volunteers are the backbone of parade operations. Around 90 volunteers with responsibilities ranging from chalking Bayside Drive for the parade line up to encouraging parade participation and registration are the steady workhorses of the Parade.
These loyal helpers arrange for bands, post signs, secure communications equipment. The balloon blower-upers lifted up our visual experience. A big Thank You to each of the volunteers

This year’s Grand Marshal was Barry Meguiar who represents much that is special about Balboa Island. He is a generous supporter of all things “island.” His family has had property on Balboa Island for 70 years. Recently, Barry and his wife
Karen refurbished a family home on Emerald.

The entire idea behind the parade is to create an opportunity for families in the area to enjoy an old-fashioned, hometown parade. The parade left us with wonderful memories.

Thank you Balboa Island.
Leslie Daigle
Newport Beach City Council


The lease holders of the Dunes have proposed a project at PCH and the BackBay on a plot of land they own. They did an extensive PR outreach to the public. I saw it three times and originally supported the project, because it seemed like a moderate use of the space.
At a DS BOD meeting, a member asked how the project would appear when driving on PCH. We were told that such and image was not available. Before the City Council vote, I was able to get a copy of the EIR and was surprised.
1) “BAIT AND SWITCH” The images in the EIR appear massive. Not a small “landing” rather wall to wall and three stories high. The PCH images in the report are from the far side of the street and across the intersection. When you drive across the PCH bridge it will be more imposing.
The upper bay and the green belt will be replaced with stucco.
2) “YOU HAVE TO PASS THE PROJECT TO FIND OUT WHAT IS IN THE PROJECT” We also had difficulties with the artist misconception drawings. They do not reflect the described project. It includes fork lift boat storage and a 65 ft tower. There are no assurances that the project will be as shown.
The STDH Pac filed suit seeking to have the environmental document accurately reflect the project. We also asked that they show the public the size of the project next to the PCH bridge with story poles. The city and developer did not agree. They used a process that would have increased our costs
and would have eliminated our reserves. . Up against a unified front of Developer attorneys and City attorneys, we choose to preserve our funds.
Stop The Dunes Hotel (STDH) was founded in 2000 to ensure the lessee of the Dunes would abide to an agreed family inn. The leased Dunes property is on public tidelands designated for family use. They sought to expand the project into a large hotel and convention center. The structure would have
70’ high towers and would be funded with time shares they would build along the bay. Seems that they cannot sell public land but somehow sell timeshares.
STDH is concerned that the expanded Back Bay Landing project with and it’s 65’ tower and 49 new dwelling units with more to transfer is a stepping stone to an expanded project in our peaceful lagoon.
We have the Newport Center and the area around the airport for large structures. I hope that the people of Newport Beach recognize the beauty and value of the harbor before we turn into Huntington Beach and Marina Del Ray.

“Giant Blue Whale Watching Summer/Fall 2014. Enjoy $16 Whale Watching Special”
Giant blue whales were once considered quite rare off Newport Beach, but over the last five years this has changed dramatically with hundreds-thousands of giant blue whales spotted each year.  Over 1100 giant blue whales were viewed from May-October with multiple blue whales sighted during one whale watching cruise, a regular occurrence.  Along with viewing blue whales, finback whales (second largest whale) are also frequently viewed as well as the smaller minke whales.  Humpback whales and even killer whales are also possible during the summer and fall months. Giant pods of common and bottlenose dolphin are also very common with mega pods numbering a thousand or more dolphins quite frequent as well and amazing to witness.
Join Newport Landing’s whale watching cruises offered multiple times daily from Balboa Penisula in Newport Beach and view the largest creatures on earth.

Phone 949-675-0551
Address 309 Palm Street Suite A Newport Beach Ca 92661.
Times 10 am, 1 pm, 3:30 pm, & 6:00 pm daily. (2 1/2 hour whale watching cruise)
Price $16 Whale Watching Cruise Special
Offer http://www.newportwhales.com/newport_beach_whale_watch_offer.html

Featuring over a mile of art and live music, the 20th Annual Balboa Island Artwalk took place on May 18th along the South Bayfront of Balboa Island. This fine art show is the premier showcase for talented local artists and marks the start of the Island’s summer season.
Thousands of spectators enjoyed 100 artists exhibiting paintings, fine jewelry, blown glass, sculpture, and photography. The festivities were complimented by live music on six stages along the walk.

We are pleased to announce the Balboa Island Artwalk’s award-winners! The Mary Hardesty Award of Excellence was chosen by Mary Hardesty and Erica Primeau and awarded to Larisa Thaney for her art created with elements from nature.
Mayor Rush Hill selected Nicholas Mirandon’s large resin contemporary art pieces for the Mayor’s Choice Award. The Newport Beach Magazine Award was presented by Independent Newspaper editor Chris Trela to Susan Marosz for her paintings accented with 3D glass.
Please see the attached images for photos of the award-winners. If you would like additional information, please contact Majada Saucerman at (949) 548-1758 or .

Sent to me By Our Friend and BI Resident Greg Topper

THIS IS THE GRAND CANAL IN ALL ITS FULLNESS!! Thanks again to Gar Travis http://www.garphoto.com )


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PO Box 5930
Balboa Island, CA 92662