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October, 2007, Volume 9, Issue 7

DEC. 12-16 99th NEWPORT BEACH BOAT PARADE—6:30 pm—8:30 pm
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SHOOTING THE BREEZE.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  ..  . Carolyn L. Carr

This month I have a lot to write about—we have had a lot of activity in the harbor—
On the morning of September 27th I watched as two tugboats escorted what was left of the Pride of Newport down the channel and out to sea.  They sank it 16 miles out.  It is the end of another Newport Beach landmark.  We will all miss seeing the old paddle wheeler as we come down Dover and over the bridge on PCH towards Bayside Drive.

Then on October 13, my friend and computer guru Tom Stanton and I were greeted by an unusual sight at the 76 dock on South Bayfront. Homeland Security Boats with machine guns!!

At First Tom and I thought it was just boats from a movie.  But I hung around and asked questions of Mike, one of the guys who works at the docks.  Turned out the boats and the guns were real—Navy personnel from San Diego who are patrolling our coast.  Newport Harbor has been a really interesting place lately!!

I am glad that Doris Lee is pursing her interviews with Balboa Island Icons, since we are losing a whole generation of people here on the Island.  Doris had a wonderful interview with Lenore Laraway back in our May-June Island Breeze.  Lenore passed away September 23, 2007.  At the request of her children, we are reprinting that interview as a tribute to Lenore.

I have been enjoying Design Dining quite a bit lately.  With all the activity in my life I don’t have much time to create meals— they do that for me—and deliver them to my door.  I can buy a bag of salad, some fresh bread and have a wonderful wholesome meal.

The one thing I do take time for is my exercise—lately I have been doing a lot of that with my personal trainer Shannon Carpenter—whose flyer is in this issue of the Island Breeze.  We have a great time walking the Bayfront and saying hello to all my Balboa Island neighbors (my aerobic exercise)—then we come back to my house and do stretching and work with weights.  It is fun and convenient and great for my body and my brain.

I had one interesting thing happen lately—Coast Magazine—our local throwaway—published a “green” issue.  It was ironic that they picked that issue to increase the weight of the paper—that issue had less pages and weighed considerably more than the Philharmonic Issue in May.  If you are going to try to sell magazines with a “green” theme—maybe you ought to try not to be so obviously non-green.  Orange Coast Magazine uses recycle paper—hmmmm.


You can tell Lenore Laraway is a very special lady with an eye for color when you step into her charming home at 1105 North Bayfront.  She and her late husband, Charles Laraway, bought this home through Martha Anwiler (a Balboa Island ICON too) in 1964 for $95,000.
Lenore is from a creative, resilient Beverly Hills family who lost its wealth and lifestyle in the depression. Her father then created “foot gloves” (Now called Peds) and sold the business for a profit.
Lenore majored in Interior Decorating at USC, graduated and went to business school which led to a high profile job as Secretary to an Air Force Wing Commander.  She met and married Charles Laraway who served in WW2 overseas for 3 years.  He was a building contractor who built them a wonderful home in Los Angeles.
In spite of hearing, “Balboa Island is terrible,” they bought on the Island and created their first shop, the Atrium, by remodeling a building at the corner of Marine and Balboa.  Later, under Charles’ guidance, Lenore operated “Laraway’s Specialty Store, for 32 years.  They called it a “women’s hardware store with thousands of buttons/beads/notions and customers.  If Laraway’s did not have it—no one did!
The Laraway’s chose to remain in their Island home with their two children.  One day a cat in distress had kittens under the Coldwell Banker’s office (where Abram’s Coastal Properties is now).  Miraculously the cat got all the kittens onto Laraway’s roof to safety.  Lenore called the Adoption company to take them, but kept the orange one and named her “Sally”.  Sally even went on trips to their desert home with the Laraway’s.
Lenore and Charles enjoyed golf, cards, etc., at the Newport Beach Country Club.  They now have 4 grand children and 8 great grand children.  When Charles became ill, Island Home replaced Laraway’s, and Lenore now spends her time with friends and family in her Island home, Her philosophy is humble:
“What makes me happiest is making someone else happy!” What a Special Lady!!
Would you like to be saluted as a Balboa Island ICON—please call Doris Lee @949.280.0607 or e-mail dorislee@coldwell banker.com.


There’s a certain sound in my patio at this time of year
That tells me it’s the start of Fall.
It is the sound of the liquid amber leaves rustling in the late afternoon breeze,
A whispered message that the lightness of summer has passed.

Here begin the holidays and all the feelings and doings
Before, between and after;
The contrast of weather dullness and storm drama
That give us a needed charge.

Or so it is with me on Balboa Island.

I go for my day’s end walk along the bay front -
Darkness is descending.
Where are the people dining on their patios?
Where are the children, dripping wet in their bathing suits,
Splashing in the sun-warmed water, digging giant craters in the sand?

Through the windows I see families preparing tasty autumn meals
Before becoming glued to the t.v. set.
Dog walkers still go by on the bay front; runners keep up their pace.
Exchanges of greetings are less heartfelt than summer’s care-abandoned salutations.
Then, friends and strangers visited as if they had known each other all their lives.

The cycle, incessant with each orbit of the sun.

IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN—to start planning for Christmas and hanging those Christmas lights.  I am too busy to even think about things like that.  That is where Damon Burris and Mike McCluer, Island Lights come to the rescue every year. 

Damon and Mike have been hanging my Christmas lights every year and doing a wonderful job!  They have many Island clients including award winning houses like the Busby house.  I am always amazed how different my house looks using the same strings of lights year after year. I love to come home and see my house glowing with Christmas cheer.

Mike and Damon can use your lights or buy lights for you if you don’t have time.  And they will promptly repair any problem caused by wind, rain or light failure. 
Give Island Lights a call at 949.903.9018 or 949.307.8613.

AIR FAIR RECEPTION . . . . . Jeanie Price

(Photographs by Bob Berghell )
AirFair, a grassroots organization for the containment of John Wayne Airport, honored Supervisor John Moorlach on October 4,2007 for his contributions to the community on airport issues.
Tim Stoaks and his mother, Carolyn, underwrote the reception at the Bayside home of the Honorable Evelyn Hart, former mayor and current president of the Oasis Foundation.  Both Stoaks and Hart are board members of Air Fair.

Sixty supporters attended the event that featured remarks by former state Senator Marian Bergeson, a member of the CA Transportation Commission, who introduced Supervisor Moorlach.  Additional comments were added by Bonnie O’Neil; Mrs. Hart; Mario Maiero, Moorlach’s Chief of Staff; Chris Palmer, Deputy Director to U.S. Representative John Campbell; Mayor Steve Rosansky and Councilman Ed Selich.

The goal of AirFair is to slowly and deliberately raise the level of discourse about flight and passengers caps as well as the curfew at JWA in order to effect political change.  The mantra of AirFair is “10.8 Lock the Gate”.

DISABLED SPORTS USA . . . . Tom Stanton
My office is across the street from Carolyn and last week we were talking about things we were involved in outside our normal course of business.  Carolyn asked me to write about the charity I support.

I am lucky in that I make a living working with computers in a place that I love—Balboa Island.  I am also lucky to sit on the Board of Directors for the Orange County Chapter of Disabled Sports USA.  I have been involved for 7 of its 25+ years of running monthly trips to Mammoth Mountain to teach disabled children and adults to ski.  We are the only chapter in the country that provides free trips to students, free lodging, lift tickets, adaptive equipment & instruction.  Volunteer instructors receive a three-day pass to help with the instruction.  We provide the training to volunteer instructors..  Our goals are simple—Safety, Fun & Learning in that order.  This is truly a win-win for everyone involved.
This is a charitable organization that is solely supported by the money we raise thorough our own events & donations.  Virtually all the money goes to the students.  If you know anyone who might benefit from our group or would like to join check out dsusaoc.org or just contact Tom Stanton at 949.675.6373 or

THE TOMATO INCIDENT . . . . . . . . Diane Mondini

On Sunday, September 30, 2007, Diane Mondini of Caring Companions At Home – a 24-year resident of Balboa Island – was driving across the Little Island Bridge when her car was bombarded with rotten tomatoes.  The culprits were hiding behind the wall but witnesses said they were three teenage boys who ran from the bridge and headed down the Grand Canal towards North Bayfront on the Little Island.

Diane backed up her car and took off after them down the alley.  More walkers at Grand Canal and Balboa informed her the boys had run to the end of Grand Canal laughing all the way. Diane continued to look but they had obviously disappeared into a home.  She surmised they were Little Balboa Island residents who had run into their houses.

Seeing her car was completely covered with smashed tomatoes Diane didn’t know if she should call 911 or just let the incident go.  She headed to the Balboa Island Fire Station where the Captain surveyed the mess and offered to call the police for her.  She reported the incident to the police who said they would look out for the vandals.

The Captain then offered to hose off her car and wipe it dry – with the help of another fireman.  Wow, what service.  Passersby stopped to watch and asked if this was a regular service of the Fire Station and could they get their car washed?

It’s nice to know that we have such a fabulous resource so close by.  In times of need we can always call or stop by our friendly fire station.

Balboa Island lost one of it’s favorite electricians, Bob Paluck, on October 6, 2007 after a courageous battle with cancer.  Bob was born on October 19, 1940.  He was a Navy Corpsman and X-ray technician, long-time electrician and member of the Newport Beach Yacht Club.

He is survived by his beloved sons, Joseph and Michael, two grandchildren Kaitlan and Zachary, his loving sisters Lenore and Audrey and his best friend and love Vicki Veden.  A celebration of his life was held at the Newport Beach Yacht Club on October 20, 2007.  Bob “always did it his way.”


A quality installation is just the start of a good relationship with your flooring installer—now let’s talk about what happens after . . .

Does your flooring company put felt pads on the bottom of all your chairs and other furniture that could scratch after a hardwood installation?

Do you get a cleaning kit to clean the hard surface floor you have installed?

Do you get granite cleaner and polisher for your countertops?

Are you shown what to do in case there is a scratch—there is a way to make it disappear from hardwood floors in many cases?

Are you given the correct products to clean Pergo-type products?

There are great maintenance products for Carpet, Vinyl, Hardwood, Showers, Stone, Laminate, etc.  And you should be use them to preserve whatever flooring you have installed—hopefully your contractor is Island Flooring who will help you with that job now and in the future.

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