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September 2009, Volume 11, Issue 6





Come and see our new products
Installed in Our Home and In Our Showroom

And the Services & Products of other Island Residents
Hagman Painting
Custom Painting by Adrian Chavez
T’s by the Sea Window Cleaning
Masterclean Carpet Cleaning
Integrity Handyman Services

Vender Promotions, Free Stuff!!!!

Fun, Food, and Fantastic Floors

Saturday, September 26, 2009
11:00 am—4:00 pm

Island Flooring Inc.
118 Agate Avenue
Balboa Island, CA 92662

October 31 Halloween
Sun Dec 6 Christmas Tree Lighting—3pm - 6pm Fire Station
Sun Dec 13 Holiday Home Tour— 11am - 4pm
Dec 16-20 Newport Harbor Boat Parade 6:30 pm—9:30 pm

SHOOTING THE BREEZE.  . . . . . . . . .  . . Carolyn Carr. 

If you think I was mistaken about banks and lending—here are a couple of stories that I want to share.

I have a very good friend whose mother lives on the Island—she is in her 80s.  She owns a $2,000,000 house outright.  She has money in CDs in the bank.  Her son has a LOT of money in one of the large national banks.  His mother wanted to get a $5,000 credit card so she could go to the hairdresser, the grocery store, etc. without having to get cash every time.  Probably without him actually having to get the cash for her.  Even though he comes to the Island every morning to see her.

The bank would not give her a credit card.  When her son asked how she could qualify. They said, “she needs to have a job!”

Second story.

A good friend of mine is trying to qualify for a mortgage modification.  Through Chase.  She was told she qualified.  She did everything they said.  She had to stop paying her payment to qualify.  Then they set up a new amount which she paid for the three month trial period—no problem. 

Yesterday they said she was going to be turned down for the loan modification!  Why—no one seems to know.  In the meantime her credit will now be ruined because she had to quit paying to qualify for the program.  Everything was done by phone—with no paper trail!!! This was illegal! This is the worse ‘Catch 22’ that has ever been foisted upon the American people.  By the banks.  The banks who we, the American people bailed out with OUR tax dollars—yours and mine. Not play money.  Money that our children and their children will end up paying if the banks do not pay it back.

Another story—from a vendor.  Banks are now holding payroll checks and direct deposits for three days—for the average person this can be tragic.  It can cause a domino effect of late payments—more money for the banks.  For the CEOS who were paid billions in bonuses last year in spite of the bail outs.

These stories are being repeated all over the country.  It isn’t a very logical world we live in.  I wonder why when I overpay my credit card—which I have done—they are not required to pay the same interest they charge—wouldn’t that change the state of affairs.  We would all be searching for the card that charged the MOST interest. Is it any wonder our children have a tough time understanding the grown up world—it doesn’t really make any sense!!!

And now a fun story—one of many in our Ferry Line this summer.  A tour bus from Las Vegas used their GPS to find the Pavilion—a FULL SIZED BUS!!  And got stuck.  This is not the first time it has happened.  This time, however, as we got the bus around the corner at the Beek center we were greeted by the oil tanker delivering gas to the gas dock.  And he wasn’t moving. 

Laura, the driver of the bus, was a star of major proportions.  She managed to back the bus all the way to Collins Avenue and then down Collins before she turned the bus around and headed off the Island.  This is not the first bus ride I have had from Agate—however the ride usually ends up at the South Bayfront alley and Park Avenue.  This time I got a free ride to the Balboa Pier Bus Parking.  I figured it was a much shorter ride across the Ferry to Island Flooring than to walk all the way back from Pavilions. 

BALBOA ISLAND ICONS. . . . . .Doris Lee, Coldwell Banker

For 31 years, Islanders have enjoyed Rick Sherman as a keyboard artist and vocalist at the Christmas Tree Lighting, the Island Parade, the Art Walk, and at the Village Inn, where he plugs local talent like Larry Wilson, whose rich baritone rendition of “Elvira” ” delight all who listen!

Few may know that Rick has been many things to many people, in a journey beginning at his birthplace, Kansas City, Missouri, where his father, Art Sherman, was a professional jazz pianist! Prairie Village, Kansas became Rick’s home for his first 16 years, where he picked out radio tunes on the piano at age 4! Private lessons began at 7, and then he went on to playing in bands at 12 with childhood friends (three with whom he remains close today) and the Music Never Stopped!!!

At the University of Kansas, Rick pursued a degree in Psychology.  After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree, he changed his mind and decided in 1975 to go West with a friend to find gold as a rock star! Neither happened! After a year in a rock band, followed by a year performing 6 nights a week at the Disneyland Hotel, he was burned out on the lounge scene. It was back to the Psychology drawing board. Rick took on a job as a Psychiatric Aid, handling crisis calls at a psychiatric facility in Santa Ana during the night shift for 6 months, and then “graduating” to the day shift. A phone call in 1978 from a drummer friend lured Rick to the Village Inn, where he accepted a job offer performing 5 nights a week, and his earnings doubled!

Rick has composed and used music, in combination with his training in guided imagery and relaxation techniques, to provide therapy for patients. Rick also volunteers his services at nursing homes, for the Children’s Make A Wish foundation functions, Project Cuddle, and has given years of involved support to “Mothers and Others Against Child Abuse (Parent Help USA)”.  It was for this work with Parent Help that he received a Lifetime Achievement Award alongside Magic Johnson.

Despite a full life and with his family, including his wife Jenny, Carrie (12) and golden retriever Lily, Rick spends much of his time at his “day job”, doing what he loves best. I felt privileged to sit at Sherman Sound Suite, his recording studio in Irvine, while he produced the sounds of an incredible variety of musical instruments and voices on electronic keyboards and synthesizers. There he composes music for all seasons and reasons, from commercials (the music for the Ditech.com TV ads for 7 years) to TV shows (the theme song used for over 10 years on “Real Orange”, ) and documentaries (his most recent, “Voices of a Never Ending Dawn”, has its OC premiere at Chapman College September 30th, before going on to PBS and the History Channel).

Stop by and say “Hi” to this talented Icon at the Villa Nova on PCH in Newport Beach every Saturday night, or the Village Inn on the 1st Friday of each month, and especially on Halloween at the V.I., which Rick has enjoyed for 3 decades with all the Island grown up “Wanna Be Kids”.


When I was in the housecleaning business for 20 plus years we used to say, “when June comes, Christmas is right around the corner.” So I guess when September comes I am actually late in telling you to think about putting up your Christmas lights.  But I will remind you anyway.
Damon Burris and Mike McCleur have been serving Balboa Island and helping its residents with their Christmas Lighting needs for 10 years.  Damon is a native Balboa Islander.  His good friend Mike is a resident of Costa Mesa.  They are both awesome individuals who do a fabulous job of installing Christmas lights.  And of delivering the Island Breeze all year long!!
Please give Damon or Mike a call and get on their schedule at Island Lights 949.307.8613 or 949.903.9018.


Serving Greater Newport Harbor Area Since 1952
Guest Speaker: : Andrew Breitbart, CEO, Breitbart.com
Andrew Breitbart is publisher of the news portals Breitbart.com and Breitbart.tv.  His latest endeavor, Big Hollywood, is a group blog off
Breitbart.com on Hollywood and politics from the center/right perspective.
This program kicks off our exciting fall season!
Luncheon ~ Thursday, September 24, 2009, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
The Pacific Club, 4110 MacArthur Blvd., Newport Beach 92660
$26 check payable to NHRW
Mail to:  Sheila Thomsen, 10 Rue Cannes, Newport Beach, CA 92660-5901
Questions:  Sheila (949) 720-1726

Click here Connies_Artichoke_Web.bmpto view a beautiful artichoke plant grown by Balboa Island’s Connie Sween. Connie took the picture on her cell phone.  Both things are truly amazing.  Thanks Connie for your green thumb and your photographic ability!

“July Summer Storm” Taken at the Pier during the huge July Storm by Balboa Island resident Kellie Savage—Thank you Kellie!!


Where has the summer gone? Unlike our Island vacationers, we locals will continue to enjoy the wonderful outdoor resources here—for months to come!  I eagerly await September!

There are several ‘new’ business neighbors dotting Marine Avenue: A new boutique has opened at 326 Marine Avenue—Chol’z.  I was very impressed with the eclectic collection of apparel throughout the shop.  Trendy LA manufacturer ‘Saga’ is a prominently featured label.  Ladies, you have to stop by and see the lovely brushed-poplin wrap-front jackets in rich espresso browns.  Manager ‘Brigitte’ also showed me their signature ‘broomstick-pleated’ skirts w/matching bustier tops.  Brigitte’s best friend Jacqueline owned another boutique for many years on Marine.  Most reasonably priced separates from $35.00—$89.00 and a costume ring collection too unique to pass up!  The crystal snake-wrap is the best.  Bargain priced at $30.00 each.

Hungry from all that shopping and strolling?  A friend of mine recommended Hakone restaurant and sushi down the street at 211 Marine for the best rice bowls in town.  Easy to eat and a hearty assortment of Teriyaki Chicken or Beef.  And sushi lovers won’t miss trying out many of their ‘rolls’ on the go!
Calling all parents of College students!  Time for back-to-school.  Don’t send them off without the appropriate dorm room accessories—banners, flags, luggage tags, alarm clocks and MORE.  Island Style, 118 Agate carries a super hot selection of USC, UCLA, CAL, STANDFORD and all the Pac 10, Big 10 and any other University you can think of. Just in—college loyalty has gone to the dogs—adorable bandanas for your pooches neck splashed w/college and NBA logos.  Hurry in before school starts! 949. 675.6511.

While you are on Agate, stop in for a massage or sports therapy session with Dr. Nik at Island Chiropractic (see attached flyer).  I took a few minutes to speak with him and he explained his recent purchase of that office and the Spa on the Bay, 502 S. Bayfront over the market—right around the corner.  Please take a moment to drop by or call 949.723.0702 for your personal consultation.
Your will be very glad you did!!!

We are What We Think.  All that we are arises with our thoughts.  With our thoughts we make our world …Buddha


The Poet Cabbie of Orange County
After 35 years in Orange County, I’ve finally discovered Balboa Island … and I did it by cab. I drive that cab and my first ever fare was a couple heading to John Wayne Airport. We got to talking, and they suggested I offer my driving services to their neighbors to get to JWA or wherever they may need to go.
They gave me Ms. Carr’s name — serendipitous, you might say, that her name is “Carr” and I drive one - Here is my offer:
Call or text me (Paul) direct at 714 345 4297
Mention the Breeze, or this ad, or simply say, “Balboa.”

Tell me where you’d like to go and pay cash at the end of our journey.  That’s it!
(Oh … and get 20% off your first trip!)
I’m the Poet Cabbie of Orange County, promising a pleasant and comfortable ride with a professional and courteous driver … and perhaps a poem or composition to go along with us.
Call the Driver, not a Dispatcher ...
Talk to the Man, not a Machine


Unfurnished 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath
Beamed Ceilings—New Paint
Close to South Bayfront and the Balboa Island Ferry
$1500/month—Available Now


3 Story—3 Bedroom—3 Bath
Pier w/Boat Mooring Available
Yearly Lease $5,500/month


Bright, Airy, Quiet Studio Apartment w/Sleeping Loft. 
Queen Sized Bed– Super Comfortable!!
DirecTV in Living and Sleeping Areas. Wireless Internet Access.
We Supply the Linens and the Coffee!!!