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Winter Issue December 2015 - January 2016 Volume 4, Issue 6


Sunday December 6 * Holiday Tree Lighting 4 pm
Sunday December 6 ENC Artisan Marketplace 10 am—3 pm -Environmental Nature Center Art, Food, Music
Sunday December 13 Holiday Home Tour 11 am—4 pm
Weds Dec. 16—Sun Dec. 20 Newport Beach Holiday Boat Parade http://www.christmasboatparade.com
1st & 3rd Thursdays ART WITH A TWIST—5:30 pm-8 pm—Wilma’s Patio Contact: Carole Boller @949.433.1400 or e-mail

* FROM BII INSERT PRINTED IN JANUARY, 2015—Please Check the Dates!


It is the holiday time again and visitors will be coming in droves to see our Christmas Lights and Christmas Boat Parade!  It is really a fun time of year.
Just a note—I get lots and lots of requests for postings on my “LOST AND FOUND” page on http://www.balboa-island.com Since we have no physical lost and found on Balboa Island (though I wish we had one) this is the only place for visitors who have lost keys, jewelry, etc. to post their information in hopes that one of our Island Residents have found the items. 
Please check it out and let me know at if you have found any of the lost items. 
One interview this month was with Balboa Island Walking Tour owners—Celeste Dennerline and Heidi Palmer.  Celeste and Heidi met when their husbands started work on the same day at a company here in Southern California.  Celeste and Heidi were new to the area coming from Seattle and Utah, but they quickly bonded and eventually fell in love with Balboa Island.
Today they both are long time residents and still loving ‘island life’. 
I met Celeste when she owned Teddy Bears and Tea Cups and for a year I ended up living a few houses down from her on the Island.  Celeste worked for the Environmental Nature Center for 25 years—retiring only to devote her ‘free’ time to the Balboa Island Museum and the Balboa Island Walking Tours.
My second interview for the month was Bill Stewart—a former neighbor on Agate.  Bill recently went to Washington DC on a trip paid for by Honor Flight Southland for former WWII veterans. They got a tour of all the War Memorials and it touched Bill’s heart in many ways.  His story is fascinating and heartwarming. 
Finally I talked to Carole Boller who has ‘Art with a Twist’ at Wilma’s Patio the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.  One of my goals for next month is to experience this first hand and come away with a piece of art I am proud of.  Can’t wait!


BALBOA ISLAND WALKING TOURS—Celeste Dennerline & Heidi Palmer

What a wonderful walking tour this is.  I expected information on who lived where and how the island was created—but the tour was SO MUCH MORE!
Starting off with Celeste and Heidi at the Museum and on North Bayfront we walk as they talk about California before the Spanish Missions and the early population of Southern California.  My favorite fact was that 1/3 of all Native Americans in the United States lived in Southern California.  The natives apparently realized, like we do, what a great place this was
They detail the history of the region—with Sepulveda and the Spanish Land Grants.  The missions.  How the Spanish protected the lands from the northern encroachment of England.  And finally to James Irvine who came to the United States from Ireland in 1846 with his younger brother to work in a New York Paper mill.  In 1849 he joins the Gold Rush and while sailing to San Francisco he meets Collis P Huntington (So Pacific Railroad) and Dr. Benjamin Flint.
Ask them about the history of California becoming a state and what part of the country fought, and lost, our annexation.  It is extremely interesting how they weave the story of Southern California, Newport Beach into the overall pattern of American History.
James Irvine bought a wholesale produce and grocery store after deciding mining wasn’t for him.  With the profits he bought San Francisco real estate and supported his family in Ireland. 
He then became business partners with the Flit brothers and their cousin Bixby (are we seeing a lot of familiar names?) in 1853 they bought a Rancho in Monterey and brought 2,000 head of sheep—a business James Irvine was very familiar with.  The story continues—but I will let them tell you!  It is fascinating! 
Then we move on to the South Bayfront and the History of Balboa Island.  Mr. Collins who subdivided Balboa Island and had plans for a racetrack in what is now the alleys of Balboa Island.  Joseph Beek who built the first bridge on Balboa Island—parts of which are now at Wilma’s as well as the local train trestle.  More trains, the red cars, the building of the Pavilion.  Mr. Beek becoming a realtor and running the ferry to get his clients to Balboa Island.  I cannot tell you how interesting this tour is—and how worth the walk.  Exercise and knowledge—I love that combination!!
in so many ways including blowing out all the power on Balboa Island for two weeks.  Once again—you will have to take the tour to find out the back stories!
This tour is designed for residents and tourists—12 and older.  As much as they love children and dogs, to keep you free of the tangle of strollers and leashes, they can only accommodate them on private tours.  There are no stairs so they are wheelchair friendly. 
Contact or call or text 949.554.5556 and you will be sent a summary of the Balboa Island Walking Tour and information on what to wear, where to park, and the cost, which is $35.00 per person!  I cannot emphasize how fabulous this tour is—sign up right away!!
Click Here for a Fact Sheet About the Balboa Island Walking Tour FactSheet_for_BIT_color.pdf

ART WITH A TWIST—Carole Boller

As Carole Boller says, ‘uncork your creativity with her at Wilma’s Patio on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 5:30 –8:00pm Let the drinks and creative juices flow at the new adult art workshop with a twist!”
What’s the twist—order and enjoy wine and food while soaking up the artistic atmosphere.  Carole will lead you step-by-step through the process of crating your own acrylic painting to take home.  Carole provides all the supplies and the inspiration.  Most of us have seen the beautiful artwork in the patio area at Wilma’s—what you might not know is that it was created and painted by Carole.
I originally met Carole when she had a shop on the Peninsula with her beautiful creations including decorative wall tiles we could incorporate in kitchens.  No longer were our customers limited by what was available commercially—she could create tiles just for you!
Carole is an internationally known artist and has exhibited in France, Mexico and many of the Fine Arts Museums in the United States including New York’s National Art Gallery and the Chicago Institute of Fine Arts.  Carole lives in Laguna Beach where she recently finished a public mural called Postcards from Laguna. 
Carol wants everyone to know she has beautiful gift certificates available - great Holiday gifts which will live on forever in your creation!

Bill Stewart

I had never heard of the “Honor Flight Southland” until my friend Bill Stewart stopped me on Marine Avenue in late October and said he was leaving that Friday for a free tour of Washington DC. 
The Honor Flight Southland is part of a national organization that takes approximately 70 veterans from Southern California to Washington DC periodically as they assemble funds (his tour was sponsored by Breitling Watches), personnel and veterans.  They would love it if you know someone here in Southern California who has not gone on the tour. 
Bill enlisted in the Army Air Corp (which became the US Air Force) on September 6, 1946 at 17 years old in the waning months of WWII. He quit high school 1/2 a year early and had to get his parent’s permission to enlist!  As a result he is could be the youngest living WWII vet. 
On leave before he was shipped overseas Bill made his first visit to Balboa Island during Bal Week!  It was an 18th Birthday celebration for Bill and one he obviously remembered! 
After months on Guam he was bored with being an auto mechanic so he signed up for school in Hawaii or Japan— He ended up at the Keio University in Japan studying radar.
Bill was recalled after leaving the Air Force during the Korean War as an active reservist.  He spent most of his time in Casablanca where, as a result of being promoted to staff sergeant, they shipped him his car from California.  A Studebaker Champion—which is ultimately sold before he returned home
Bill’s tour was comprised of 46 veterans and their chaperons.  The chaperons volunteer and pay $700 .  His chaperone was John Nielsen—a sole survivor whose dad died in Korea. 
When Bill sat down on the plane he was given a large envelope full of letters from Southern California residents—mostly school children—thanking him.  He was overwhelmed by their gratitude!
The veterans went to every war memorial in Washington as well as Arlington National Cemetery and the Lincoln Memorial. They were given a souvenir book from the WWII Memorial, a commemorative t-shirt, a Coin and a Medal.  I had no idea how beautiful the WWII Memorial was.
Summing up his experience Bill told me, “It was a heartwarming experience and I never cried so much in my life!” Wow!

CORNEY JOKES . . . . . Susan Sherbert
What kind of music is popular this time of year?
WRAP Music!
Why did bachelor bring a box of Twinkies to the holiday party?
Because it was a HOSTESS gift!
How did the restaurant owner greet his customer’s in December?
With SEASONED Greetings!
How do you know when it’s time to throw out the Thanksgiving leftovers? 
There is nothing left but the jello MOLD

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