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January-February 2008, Volume 10, Issue 1

MAY 3 & 4 2008 ALL ISLAND GARAGE SALE Info Call 949.422.8570
MAY 18, 2008 BALBOA ISLAND ART WALK 9 am—5 pm http://www.balboaislandartwalk.com
JUNE 1, 2008 BALBOA ISLAND PARADE—11 am—2:00 pm, Marine Avenue, Bridge Closes at 10:45 am until 12:30 pm

SHOOTING THE BREEZE.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  ..  . Carolyn L. Carr

2008 is going to be an interesting year.  A lot of things could change or not change depending on what happens.  Since Island Flooring is directly involved in remodeling, and things have been pretty slow in that area, I am looking at lots of options.  Every day my reps come in and tell me how slow things are and bring me tales of another flooring company that has closed its doors for good.  The news is not good—large corporations that sell home furnishings are closing— I don’t want that to happen to Island Flooring—so I have to be proactive for the next few years.
I am lucky.  I have a degree in business administration and by a strange coincidence, because I love school and learning, I have been taking marketing classes at UCI Extension to “upgrade” by 40 year old degree As a result I am learning some new things to help my business—and finding out it is never to late to change. 

I really enjoy the “team approach” that is taught in school now.  When I was in college it was the “rugged individualist” theory that dominated.  As far as I can see the team approach came from the Japanese with the invasion of their automobiles.  They have proven that two heads are better than one—and three heads make the possibilities endless.  I am always the dinosaur on my team—what is PowerPoint?—but the other students are helpful and understanding and have taught me a lot of humility.

I have to say the thought of retiring—now that I will be 62 this year—has occurred to me.  Especially with health insurance costing me over $1,000 per month.  Medicare sounds like a great option.  But, what would I do.  I wasn’t allowed to work for the first 22 years of my life and I hated it.  Travel?  Write?  I can do all those things and still work.  I loved the story my good friend Suzanne Aragon told me over Christmas.  She had a couple of aunts who lived into their 100s.  The only way they knew one of them had passed away was that one day she didn’t show up for work—at 102.  That probably will be me. 

I really do love to work.  I guess it is because I do what I love.  Helping people find the flooring they like—educating them.  Recently two different sets of individuals came into Island Flooring and told me that they had been to several decorating centers and felt like they were dealing with used car salesmen.  And when the left the store they didn’t know any more than when they arrived. I tell everyone I have a responsibility to educate each client and make sure they pick the right product—I will still be here when there is a new employee at the decorating center.

I want my clients to come back again.  I have many of the products in my own home and I take people on tours of my house on a daily basis to see how those products have performed and how they look.  Sometimes I even tell them they don’t need anything new just yet!!!

2008 will be an interesting year.  But one of opportunities for those who look for them.  Thank goodness we live in this wonderful country of ours where we have options—where we have the freedom to try something new.  So celebrate the New Year—it is going to be a good one!!

BALBOA ISLAND ICONS . Doris Lee, Coldwell Banker

This past Christmas was the season to be jolly and give!  Few Icon Survivors have been more Jolly or given more of them selves despite obstacles than Joanie Cooper—especially at Christmas time.

Years of volunteer work for The Balboa Island Improvement Association, Home Decorating Committee, Tree Lighting Party and the Balboa Island Parade.  As an Official Balboa Island Photographer Joanie has filmed/narrated the parade many times. With the help of Ellie, her granddaughter, Joanie has also filmed the Christmas Home Tour—always remembering the shut ins.

Born into a typical resilient snow country (Buffalo, New York) family, Joanie’s father was one of the first New York Firemen while mom tended the home fires.  Joanie enjoyed winter sports growing up.

After high school graduation Joanie came to California seeking “fame and fortune”.  She attended Orange Coast College to be close to her first love—the ocean.  She was the 1st “P” for Pirate on the College drill team!!  “Those were the days” - living on the island with three girls for $25.00 a month!!! Going to the Jolly Roger, Winter Students, Fishermen, folks from Pasadena and San Marino vacationing here.

Joanie became a stewardess in 1959 for Eastern Airlines for the New York—Miami route and then returned to Balboa Island in 1968.  She was a Emergency Room Nurse for 10 years at Saddleback-Hoag Hospital and then a cruise ship nurse on the “Loveboat”.  Next it was real estate on Balboa Island—Joanie sold a Bayfront home the first day and said, “That was easy!” It was a year and half before she sold another house—Joanie laughed it off as usual!!!

Joanie has a love of cats and plants—she had “Cats Catnip Patch Happy Hours” at her Island Home.  She hopes generations love our Island and keep the traditions as she has been proud to do.  Joanie was thrilled to be honored by the BIIA with a recognition award this past Christmas when she was asked to light our Christmas tree.  Joanie is truly “Island Christmas”.
Would you like to be saluted as a Balboa Island ICON—please call Doris Lee @949.280.0607 or e-mail dorislee@coldwell banker.com.

At the mountain cabin I write again:

“Our winter visits here are not without challenge. We arrive with fingers crossed that perhaps this time there won’t be a burst pipe.

We always remember our White Christmas of 1969. We arrived in the midst of a snow storm just meant for Christmas Day. Standing outdoors in a foot of fluff, enraptured at the wonder of it all, I was lost in a trance.

Just then, from the cabin, I heard a call from our fourteen year old Eric: “A pipe has burst!”. Yanked back to the world of nitty- gritty, I
joined the family indoors, where Don had just managed to patch the hole in the pipe with duct tape. This emergency measure allowed at least a trickle of water to dribble from the bathroom faucet.

We could get no water from the frozen kitchen plumbing. It was obvious that the bathroom trickle was to supply all our water needs, including the filling of the toilet tank. This would have been okay. We were used to roughing it. But a couple of hours later, Eric came down with stomach flu. He was sick throughout the night.

Well----I don’t remember much more about that trip, except that I did make a point of going out into the dark outdoors after dinner and again marveling at the beauty of that Christmas evening.”

Don’t want to get up to get that beer?  Now you don’t have to.  John Cornwell, a 22 year-old-Duke graduate, has invented the first beer-launching fridge.  It will toss cans 15 feet and it even rotates left and right. 
There’s one problem:  “The more beers you’ve had,” explains Cornwell, who’s already put a 12-ounce dent in his wall, “the greater the chance of you getting conked in the head.” (From Parade Magazine, Sunday December 30, 2007)

The greatest part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not our circumstances . . .
Martha Washington



We all need to patronize our merchants on Marine and Agate in 2008.  It would not be to our benefit if all the wonderful stores became offices, - this could conceivably happen without our continued support.  We have lost both Blue and Les Alpilles de Provence recently and I really don’t want to have to report any more business closures on Marine Avenue.

Getting out and walking is good for our health—so walk to our business districts, get to know the merchants, and support our local businesses.  I did 90% of my Christmas shopping here on Balboa Island. 

Christmas is over and we are all cleaning out the old and making way for the new.  Right down the street from me, Let’s Go Shopping, has select items 50% off all during the month of January.  What a great opportunity to add some stylish clothes to your wardrobe.

I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on the clothes I buy there.  My niece flipped over the hoodie and shirt I got her for Christmas.  And my friends all loved the soft, beautiful scarves I purchased.  Let’s Go Shopping is located at 114 Agate Avenue, 949.723.1169.

Do You have scratches and chips in your car paint you hate?  Call Quinn the Eskimo—unprecedented paint chip repair.  Steve has worked on my new little yellow Volkswagen Bug that came with a few scratches and chips, I can no longer tell where the blemishes were!! I love what he does.  He uses an innovative process that is better than any touch up paint system on the market. 

This week I got bumped at a stop light and Steve will fix the new scratches—without having to deal with insurance companies and for far less money than it would otherwise cost.  I am especially grateful in this case, because I actually know the person who rear ended me smile Call Steve at 949.463.7690. http://www.carpaintchiprepair.com


This is a note to say Thank You for posting a link to our website http://www.ZimChristmas.com on http://www.balboa-island.com .
We had a very successful season with visitors to our website and to our house.  My statistics show that you directed 497 web viewers to us this past season, plus those people who were able to follow through and visit in person.  Your link is appreciated and again, Happy New Year.  Greg Zimmerman


The Newport Harbor Republican Women present - Gary S. Winuk, Chief Deputy Director, Governor’s Office of Homeland Security - Gary Winuk was scheduled to speak to us in OCtober, but the wildfires preempted that plan and we are fortunate to be on his calendar again in January.
Gary was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Chief Deputy Director of the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security (OHS) in March, 2005 after having acted in that capacity since January 2004. 
OHS is responsible for the coordination of all State homeland security efforts, including its core areas of threat assessment, critical infrastructure protection, training and exercises and homeland security grants management.  He has worked for OHS since its inception and served as a gubernatorial homeland security advisor to California since shortly after 9/11.
In addition, in view of the Presidential Primary in early February, we have scheduled a brief, informative resentation of both sides regarding Measure B.- where to build the new Newport Beach City Hall.
Please join us for lunch.
Thursday January 24, 2008
Five Crowns Restaurant
PCH At Poppy
Corona del Mar
Social Hour 11;30 am , Lunch 11;45 am.
For reservations or questions, please call Sue Bennitt by Monday January 21st at 949.644.0539
The next monthly Newport Harbor Republican Women’s Luncheon will be held Thursday, February 28 at Five Crowns Restaurant, Corona del Mar.  Speaker To Be Announced.  Social hour starts at 11:30—lunch at 11:45.  Cost $25.00.  Reservations and questions call Sue Bennitt 949.644.0539 by Monday Feb. 25.


Got a new cell phone for Christmas?  Don’t forget to recycle all those old phones by dropping them off at Island flooring.  We are always collecting phones for Phones4Life. 
I have sent boxes and boxes of telephones to them from our generous Island residents to be reprogrammed for 911 emergencies—keep them coming!!!

Smoking and Driving —Remember No Smoking in the car with minors effective January 1. $100 fine for subjecting anyone under the age of 18 to second hand smoke.
Dialing and Driving—Handheld cellular telephones cannot be used as of July 1, 2008.  You must have a hands free device of some kind to use your phone while you are driving.  If you must—get a Blue Tooth.
Bring your own bag—if every American consumer brought their own reusable bags when shopping, we will cut more than a billion pounds of CO2 this month—that is the equivalent of taking 1.3 million cars off the road!  When you bring your own reusable bag to the store you save wildlife, reduce waste and pollution, and reduce our dependence on oil.  Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, birds, whales and other marine mammals die every year from eating plastic bags mistaken for food.  And an estimate 12 million barrels of oil are required each year to make these bags.
Always shut off the lights when you leave a room.  Some people don’t turn off the lights when the step out of a room because they think flipping the switch back on causes an energy surge—but that is a myth.  Turning off the lights for any amount of time always saves energy.
Turn off the car when idling for more than 30 seconds—restarting your car uses less energy than letting it run—remember that if you are in the Balboa Island Ferry Line!!