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April - May, 2010 Volume 12, Issue 2


Sat May 1, 2010 Balboa Island All Island Garage Sale 7:30 am—3:00 pm In the Alleys
Over 100 Locations
May 14—May 16, 2010 Hyatt Newport Jazz Festival
Sun May 16, 2010 Balboa Island Art Walk—A Mile of Art!!!  South Bayfront 9 am—5 pm http://www.balboaislandartwalk.info
Sat June 5, 2010 Corona del Mar 5K http://www.cdmchamber.com/events/5k.
Sun June 6, 2010 17th Annual Balboa Island Parade 11am—2:00 pm“Family, Friends and FUN”
Sat June 26 Balboa Island Pancake Breakfast 8—10 am Beek Center Park


SHOOTING THE BREEZE.  . . . . Carolyn Carr

“It’s a Small World, yes it is” . . . Now don’t you love that song—you can hum it all day long!!!
Now that I have your attention—I would like to tell you how small it really is.  Here is a letter I received at http://www.balboa-island.com recently.

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Monica Garcia, I am writing you this letter because I recently found a long lost letter and thought I could share. I found this letter as I was going through old papers, at the time we received it my husband and I wanted to take pictures and respond to this gentleman, regretfully so, we did not. I told my husband I wanted to know if I could find information on this person on the internet, so tonight I was doing just that, I was only going on this man’s name and address since that is all I had to go by. Surprisingly I ran into your website and started reading about this man named Jim Jennings, still not knowing if this was the same man that sent us this letter. As I started reading the articles from Dec 2005 to October 2006 I realized it was the same man I was looking for, sadly I read, he had passed away. I was sure it was him because in one of the articles it mentions him going to St. Joe in Brownsville, Texas. What a small world we live in. I am impressed by the impact this man had on so many people. I was always intrigued because as you will see by the letter he sent us, he mentions his grandfather lived and DIED at this residence. Yes, we still till this day reside on 854 West Fronton, Brownsville, TX. This house amazes me on how long it’s been standing, yeah now it is old, and in need of a lot of renovations but standing it is. My husband and I always joke to each other and ask “do you think it’ll make it through this hurricane season?”. Surprisingly and with god’s blessing it has. I would like to know if by any chance you can pass this along to any of his family members, if they reside there.
would love to know if they still have more pictures that would be willing to share of this house. If you have any contact information on his family it would be greatly appreciated if you would provide it along with any of your feedback. I am sending you the letter and pictures he send to us, so you can see for yourself. Thank you for your time, hope to hear back from you soon.  Monica Garcia

The letter Jim sent to Monica was in 1999 and he addressed it to “The Owner of the House” at 854 W. Fronton Street, Brownsville, Texas.  This was the house his grandfather James Scott Jennings lived and died in around 1936.

Here is one of the notes that Jim wrote to Monica:
“At age 71 I have been going through all my old pictures.  I ran across this one and thought you might like to have a copy.
My grandfather and grandmother owned and lived in this house for many years.  My mother and father lived in the house two doors down.  I spent many years in the house and have many fond memories of it.  I hope it is still there and being enjoyed by you.
Jim Jennings.
And here is the picture of the house Jim sent:
I Wish Jim Jennings was still in it—we on Balboa Island miss him!!!


Two residents of Balboa Island, affiliated with the non-profit organization Engineers Without Borders (EWB), are volunteering their time to improve the quality of life in Endana, Kenya.  Endana is a rural community that lacks many of the conveniences often taken for granted in more developed nations, such as access to medical care and clean water. In an effort to improve the quality of life in Endana, the local EWB members are focused on the design and construction of a footbridge and improvements in the water and sanitation at the local secondary school. 
The footbridge will be constructed over the Ewaso Ng’iro River and will increase access to Endana’s only medical facility. During the six-month rainy season, the river becomes impassable and community members are unable to receive medical treatment.  The water and sanitary improvements to the secondary school will include improving water quality, installation of latrines, and the addition of a rain water collection system.  The designs for both of these projects are currently being developed.  If you are interested in supporting these efforts please contact Morgan Bailey at (secondary school project) or Daniel Ramey at (footbridge project).  You can also visit us on the web at http://www.ewb-uci.org  and http://www.ewb-oc.org


PUT YOUR AD HERE FOR $50.00 per Issue per area—Great for Housecleaning, Handyman, Rentals, Etc.  Also Uploaded to http://www.balboa-island.com


One Bedroom/One Bathroom Unfurnished Apartment.
Beamed Ceilings, Mirrored Wardrobe, New Paint, Built-in
Microwave, Refrigerator, Plus Many Upgrades.
Close to Ferry Landing and South Bayfront.
No Washer Dryer - - On Street Parking
Credit Check Required.
Yearly $1400.00/month.


2 Bedroom/2 Bath—3 Story View.
Pier Use.
Yearly $2,800/month.


Winter showers bring Spring flowers!!  After all the wet weather we have endured this season, isn’t it a pleasure to enjoy bursts of colorful blooms left in it’s wake?? Speaking of ‘blooms’, while strolling down Agate I stopped into In Bloom florists (114 Agate) to see what was new.  This quaint little Island shop has been given a recent interior facelift and Owner ’Summer’ was pleased to fill me in on some ordering specials;  Deliveries - NO charge to Island residents, and a $10.00 to greater Newport.  With Mother’s Day right around the corner, she strongly advises the “earlier the better” on phone orders...however, they DO offer delivery service on Mother’s Day itself - unusual - providing you have placed order prior.  The shop is very neighborhood-cute and set apart from you know, the ‘generic’ flower shops everywhere else.  At the counter, charming hand-made greeting cards accompany any arrangement, done by a local Island Artist.  Order by phone or stop in soon:  675.9484
I continued my walk over to South Bayfront, and could not resist first stopping at the Balboa Berries - perched forever in the same spot - near ‘J.D.’s Tackle’!!  Their huge red ripe strawberries practically leap out at you, the size of baseballs, and incredibly delicious!  The stand attendant informed me that the strawberries are picked fresh, daily, at nearby Irvine farms.  Purchase by the basket or the crate - take your choice.  And for a touch of ultimate decadence, you HAVE to sample their hand-dipped chocolate covered variety.  Open weekends until summer and then open every day!
Back on Marine Ave. new beginnings everywhere!!  We have a few ‘new’ neighbors in town and they are opening their doors, one by one.  A very cute little place I visited on its 1st day open, The Passionate Collector at 215 1/2 Marine  (next door to  the Aloha shop) Owner ‘Susan’ was very hospitable and once discovering I write for the Breeze, proudly snapped my picture!!  She carries the most unique collection of hand-crafted beaded jewelry and at very reasonable prices - considering they are labor intensive.  There is a small selection of ‘novelty’ accessories such as jewelry-boxes,  totes, and other cute little impulse-items for sale.  I couldn’t resist an adorable pink ’ring-box’ while there!  Welcome to the Island, you are a unique addition!    673.0440 
Balboa Island book lovers!!  Pencil in on your calendars :  coming May 8 11-1 P.M. to Martha’s Bookstore , 308 1/2 Marine. A select group of LOCAL ‘Mystery Authors’ of the hit literary-collection ’Orange County Noir’, will be on hand for a meet and greet.  Save the date!   Also, Owner ‘Kathy Wales’ wants you  to know that her quaint shop offers a highly rare collection, of  “out of print” books!  I also loved the new Magnetic book-marks at counter - fantastic idea for your favorite bookworm!!  Stop by soon and please, tell her I sent you!    673.7185



Sunday, June 6th
Parade begins at 11:00AM till 2:00PM
The theme this year is “Family, Friends and FUN”.
An Island tradition filled with Children on Bikes, Island Dogs,
Decorated Golf Carts and Floats, Vintage Cars, Keystone Cops, Drill Teams,
Marching Bands, Local Dignitaries and much more!
It’s the Island Way of Welcoming Summer to ALL!
So come on down to Marine Avenue and join us for a special day with
Family, Friends, and Fun
Our bridge closes at 10:00 am, so get here early.

For Parade and Entry Information Please visit:
or Email Info Call—949.673.4985


Andiamo Hair Salon had its first year Anniversary on April 1, 2010 in the new location at Jubilee Plaza.  The shop is a much newer and brighter version of the one at the former location by the Balboa Island Bridge.  But the same warm, friendly service is available.
Don’t forget—Andiamo Hair Salon is at 307 Marine Avenue, Suite 4.  Right next to Island Pilates and across from Edward Jones Investments. 949.673.4013


Summer is almost here and Mike McClure and Damon Burris at Island Lights are ready to help you with your outside lighting, whether for year round, seasonal, the dock, landscaping or for that special event.  They have been helping Island locals for the last 10 years during the holiday season and are ready to expand their horizons.  If you have been thinking about adding outside lighting in your yard, patio or on the dock, they are here and ready to help you with ideas that will make your house a summer wonderland.  For weddings, birthdays or company parties having the right lighting completes the ambiance that you are visualizing.  Please give Damon Or Mike a call and they will be more than happy to help you! Call Damon 949.307.8613 or Mike 949-903-9018


FROM http://www.balboa-island.com
A News Article From DEE DAWSON

This happened April 15.  I am going over to visit A.K. as usual on Thursday.  Earlier a girl came into Rachel’s and tried to steal merchandise.  A.K. being suspicious of the girl already, acting strangely, approached her single-handedly to open her backpack.  When the girl refused and threatened to “mess her up”. The girl took off running down Marine Avenue.  In the meantime the Post woman saw the ruckus, dropped her mail cart and joined in the chase, calling 911 on her cell phone at the same time. 
Other people also called for the police and our own soap-opera actor saw her and ran out of his yard and gave chase.
The girl ran onto S. Bayfront and into a front yard where the three of them tackled her!!  A.K. declined to press charges when the police arrived because she had recovered her merchandise.  A.K. should watch out in the future though—this can be a dangerous maneuver as these people can be armed. 


Please take a look at the flyer in this Island Breeze from the Exchange Club of Newport Harbor.  They are hosting a Field of Honor in conjunction with Armed Forces Day in honor of all military men and women
May 14-17, 2010.  There will be 1,776 3’ x 5’ US flags on 8’ poles at Castaways Park on Dover Drive and 16th Street .  It will be a beautiful sight!!! You can purchase a flag for $45.00 and dedicate it in the honor of a member of the military.  What a great idea!!


What was the name of the restaurant that used to be where Starbuck’s was?  The first person to bring the answer to Island Flooring, 118 Agate Avenue wins a FREE Balboa Bar from Dad’s.
Last month we had two winners within minutes of each other—and lots of other correct answers. . . Amelia’s used to be Cape Cod House. 
Congratulations to Bob Payne and Marilyn Richardson—Marilyn told me they used to have $1.00 Fish Dinners at Cape Cod House!!

DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR A POST OFFICE BOX—Our Little Post Office got a one year reprieve to improve it’s revenue or it will be gone—and Jeff says the best way to do that is by renting PO Boxes!!!

God does not ask your ability
Or your inability.
He asks only your availability.  —May Kay Ash

118 Agate Avenue
Balboa Island, CA 92662
949.675-4348 (Fax)
949.422-8569 (Cell)

Come and See the Newly Reconfigured Island Flooring Showroom—More Samples—More Space to Show them In. 
A Daring New Look!!!

Island Flooring
is a great source for ALL your Flooring Needs:

Carpet—Tuftex, Royalty, Mohawk, Smartstrand, Shaw, Royal Dutch, Catalina,, J Mish
Vinyl—Including Karndean, Congoleum, Mannington, Armstrong
Carpet Tiles
Hardwood—Garrison, Anderson, Armstrong, Bruce, Catalina, DuChateau, Mannington, Custom Floors
Hardwood Refinishing
Ceramic Tile—Dal, Shaw, Stone Peak and More
Marmoleum—Natural Linoleum from Linseed Oil—Great Colors!
Wonderful Laminates that look hand scraped and hold up even in commercial applications—at a reasonable price
Cork—Fun Patterns, New Leather-Look Styles, Q-Cork

Anyone can sell you something, but we are here to educate you and to make sure you choose the right Floor for your home or business.

REWARD—Anyone with an Island Flooring Yard Sign—we have lost a lot of signs over the years and have 2 left!!!  We will pick it up!!

15 Years on Balboa Island
35 years in Orange County LOTS of REFERENCES ON and Off BALBOA ISLAND!!