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June-July, 2015, Volume 4, Issue 4



1st & 3rd Thursdays ART WITH A TWIST—5:30 pm-8 pm—Wilma’s Patio Contact: Carole Boller 949.433.1400 or e-mail
4th of July Fireworks at the Dunes
July 5, 6, 7, 2015 Dalai Llama at the Honda Center and at UCI—Information and Tickets https://hhdl80.org/image
July 27—August 1, 2015 Just Plein Fun—Sunrise to Sunset—Balboa Island
July 31, 2015 Brush-Off Contest 4– 6 pm
August 1, 2015 Sand Castle Contest—9—10 am—Ruby Beach
September 5, 2015 Taste of Balboa Island Dinner—5-8 pm—Beek Center Park

SHOOTING THE BREEZE . . .  Carolyn Carr-Kamps
My final Garage Sale is over.  Many hours of work- lots of fun - and unanticipated rewards.  I have always loved the garage sale in spite of the challenges it has brought to me—from the city, from the people who do not think it is necessary to sign up (taking business from those that DO), and from my husband who doesn’t like garage sales.  But the one reward that has made it all worth while was in abundance this year - LOVE!!
Love in the appreciation from everyone who thanked me .  Notes on the applications.  The people from Menifee (I have no idea even where that is), the school teachers from Las Vegas, the people for whom English is their second language who have been coming for years and years.  Love was as they say “everywhere”.  I had no idea what a tradition this was in many families.  An event where they got together and came to Balboa Island for a day of fun with the Balboa Island residents!
When I woke up at 1:30 to finish writing and printing ’The List’ I was cranky and grateful that this was the LAST garage sale.  After meeting so many eager shoppers in Starbucks in the morning, in the alleys and in my area behind the Stone Building (provided by Bill Stewart), I was sad that it was ending!  But life does change.
I had people come up to me and talk about this newsletter and the ‘Tips’ they had received over the years.  Love and Service—that has always been my intention. 
Last, but not least, I want to share a letter I received that wrapped up the gratitude I felt from everyone!

The letter was from Kim in Irvine:

Dear Carolyn,
Thank you for your many years of organizing the Balboa Island Garage Sale.  It’s been an event that I look forward to year after year.  I am sorry to hear that this is your final year, however, I am very thankful for all that you have done.
I also wanted to share a little story about how, in a roundabout way, your garage sale may have saved my Irvine neighborhood. 
A couple of years ago I bought a small tree at one of the Balboa Island garage sales.  Later that evening, excited to add some new life to a neglected side of my house, I began to dig a hole to plant the tree.
While digging the hold I noticed a peculiar odor.  It smelled like natural gas.  I knew that I hadn’t hit any gas lines, as my hole was only several inches deep.  I stopped digging and contacted the gas company.  They immediately sent a technician to my home to check for a gas leak.
Before long, I had an entire Southern California Gas Company crew with an assortment of supervisors armed with a variety of leak detection devices, surrounding my home, poking and prodding my yard, my planters, the street and the sidewalk.
As it turns out, there was a leak in the main line which supplies gas to my entire block.  The leak was somewhere between the public sidewalk and the area where I was planting the little tree.
Thank you, little tree, for needing a new home and prompting me to spend some time on the infrequently visited side of the house.  And thank you, Carolyn, for providing the venue for the affordable purchase of the little tree.  Together, this string of events lead to the detection and repair of a gas leak, which if left undetected, could have met with disastrous consequence.

Thank you Kim—I feel like the Garage Sale was useful in a myriad ways when someone takes the time to send me a letter like this!
I also would like to thank Terry at 1002 N. Bayfront who also sent a very kind ‘thank you’ note as a first time participant in the Garage Sale Terry found it a great way to meet new neighbors, clean out her stuff and make a little money.  She was gracious enough to call me the ‘Heart of the Island’.  I will take the compliment, however
Balboa Island is my heart, not the other way around!

DEE’s TALK OF THE COAST . . . . Dee Dawson

For those with distant friends or family seeking a charming ‘Summer Rental’, tell them to call up Coldwell Banker  201 Marine Ave. and speak w/ helpful Agent “Kai”.  She will assist with all your Renting needs and offers Clients a nifty little Vacation Rental Sheet featuring numerous Bayfront properties - something listed, for everyone!  Call soon to schedule a showing:  949. 673.8700
In the mood for some good, local Italian food...?  Why not take the family down to Barolo by the Sea 305 Marine Ave?  Many locals are raving about their fantastic Pasta dishes and of course, always the signature garlic bread!  I recommend also, the wonderful Hot & Cold sandwiches featured on the Weekly Lunch Special - reasonably priced @ 10.95  I love the Grilled Chicken Breast - healthy!  Due to the cozy seating, Dinner hour can get a bit ‘tight’ - so please call ahead to reserve a table @ 949. 675.6193  
For many of us longtime Residents, recall fondly the former Golden Shell gift-shop where neat couple Ken & Margie Lindahl were owners. Many of you will ALSO remember Ken’s humorous performance as one of the ‘original’ Keystone Cops each year in the Balboa Island Parade!!  They sold their store many years ago to “Big John” (current Shell-Shop Owner) and Ken then retired to help take care of his dear ‘Marge’ who had succumbed to Alzheimer’s.  About 5 years ago Ken himself fell ill and was no longer able to care for his wife. Now they both reside @ a local ‘Memory-Care Residence’ adjacent to Hoag Hospital and I am informed, they are one of the most beloved couples on the property!!  We all miss you!  But lots of GOOD memories linger, from your former neighbors here on BI.  Be well!
Hey, Island Gals . . . the heat is ON!  That means it’s now beach time and we must have our feet groomed for all those cute, strappy sandals! Make an appt. soon & get over to Rosey Toes (224 1/2 Marine Ave. Upstairs).    I was quite favorably impressed, with their ‘Menu of Goodies’ - as its called. You’ve got Pink Grapefruit,  White Tea Rose, and  Lime & Coconut  treatments - just to name a few!!  ’Scent-sational’ Mani’s & Pedi’s.  The Owner wanted me to pass along, that Rosey Toes does only Natural Nails - NO Gels, NO Acrylics, and NO UV light!  For more Info. or to schedule your appt. call:  949.673.TOES (8637)
Garden-Stakes are all the rage this year!  Check out front window over at Art for the Soul.....SO unique are theirs, your neighbors will be envious!  Assorted whimsical styles to add to your front lawn or, flower-patch!  Reasonably-priced, between $24.00 - 84.00 


In the Fun Zone—next to the Balboa Island Ferry!
Great People—Fun and Educational for the whole Family!!  We went recently and had a blast!  Details of my voyage next issue—in the meantime take advantage of this special or sign Up at: to get up to the minute specials for Whale Watching and Fishing!

Doesn’t have to be on Balboa Island—but that would be very nice!  Here is our wish list—Minimum 2 br/2 bath, One story for us older folks, 2 Car Garage and we have our beautiful family member—Natti the Cat!  She was rescued in Palm Springs because of a landlord issue—and I am NOT sending her back to ‘the pound’ !! 
Yes it is a tall order—but nothing is impossible! 949.422.8570


Calories. A recent email listed the wealthiest, poorest, wettest, most cat and dog friendly, most popular countries—lots of other categories.  One was the ‘Country that Consumes the Most Food: The United States’.  We eat an average of 3,770 calories a day.  I was reading the list with my friend’s 10 year old grandson who said, “That’s from Fast Food.” Out of the mouth of babes! At least we are educating the young to be healthier.  Maybe that is why, for the first time in history, 500 McDonald’s stores will be closing in the US and other countries!!
Sugar. There is a Sugar Tracker on my iphone as well as the My Fitness Pal that tracks calories, fat, sugar, etc.  On the daily charts my average was 50 grams per day—that is 40 Pounds a Year!! The World Health Organization recommends 15 grams per day/11 pounds per year—what a challenge with all the sugar in low fat and processed foods.
Soda Accelerates Aging.  Sugary soda causes your cells to age faster.  The DNA caps found at the ends of chromosomes were shorter in the white blood cells of people drinking more soda, and shorter telomeres mean your cells are aging faster.  Just one 20-ounce soda each day was associated with 4.6 years of additional aging.  Comparable to the effect of smoking! (American Journal of Public Health, 2014).
Recycling in Newport Beach. My next door neighbors always had one can that the trash men didn’t empty in the morning trash pick up.  I asked them, “don’t the trash people like you?’ Turns out there are different containers for Recyclables and they empty those on the second pass in the afternoon.  The latest ‘Waste and Recycling Guide’ from CR&R lists the things that can be placed in the blue lidded RECYCLABLES container.  Glass, Metal, Plastic, Paper and even Textiles.  If you didn’t get a guide call them at 949.625.6735 LOTS OF INFORMATION—Bulky Items, Trash Holidays, Sharps Program, etc. 
AutoNation. Recently learned from the flower business behind Food For Dogs—the buildings from McDonald’s to the New Building on the Corner of Dover and PCH will be scraped to make way for an Auto Nation!  That stretch of PCH is turning into a car lot!

BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS . . . . Nonfiction Gems
The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly . . . . Matt McCarthy In this funny, candid memoir of McCarthy’s intern year at a New York hospital he provides a scorchingly frank look at how doctors are made.

A Deadly Wandering: A Tale of Tragedy and Redemption in the Age of Attention . . . . . Matt Richtel In this ambitious, compelling, and beautifully written book, Matt Richtel, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the New York Times, examines the impact of technology on our lives through the story of Utah college student Reggie Shaw, who killed two scientists while texting and driving. Richtel follows Reggie through the tragedy, the police investigation, his prosecution, and his redemption.

imageAfter This—When Life is Over Where Do We Go . . . Claire Bidwell Smith Acclaimed author and therapist Claire Bidwell Smith confronts the question she encounters every day in private practice—what happens after we die?  

The Real Cost of Fracking: How America’s Shale Gas Boom Is Threatening Our Families, Pets, and Food . . . Michelle Bamberger and Robert Oswald



I love seeing Mike McCluer of Island Lights It rereminds me of the prompt fabulous work he does with a smile on his face at Christmas time— hanging all the beautiful lights.
Now you can see him all year long doing GENERAL HOME REPAIR—Electrical, Carpentry including (termite/wood rot, rough/finish, fence/gate repair), plumbing, concrete, general clean up/hauling and demo.
Let Mike help you!  Call Mike @949.903.9018

CORNEY JOKES . . . . . Susan Sherbert

How Did They Decide What the American Flag Should Look Like?
They took a pole (poll)!
What Did the Surfer Say When He Saw the American Flag At the Beach?
Long May it Wave!

SUSAN SHERBERT 714.850.9070


We have a NEW PRIVATE FLOOD CARRIER now available on Balboa Island and Newport Beach..

This is not the NFIP (FEMA) or NCIP ( Natural Catastrophe Insurance Program)

It’s new and the RATES are GREAT!

No Elevation Certificate Required
$250,000 building coverage allowable regardless of
replacement cost! No surcharges imposed!
Policy issued by A rated Lloyd’s Carrier



4772 Marlborough Drive Fax 858-227-0850
San Diego, CA 92116 CA Lic# 0H34700
Toll Free (855) CAL-FLOOD (225-3566)