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November-December, 2011 Volume 13 Issue 4


SUNDAY DECEMBER 4, 2011 33rd Annual Corona del Mar Christmas Walk 11am—4pm Buy Tickets here : http://www.cdmchamber.com/events/christmas_walk.asp
SUNDAY DECEMBER 4, 2011 Christmas Tree Lighting, Santa, Arrival of Snow . . . . Marine/Park Avenue 4:00 pm
SUNDAY DECEMBER 11, 2011 Holiday Home Tour 11:00 am-4:00 pm Tickets Available for $25.00 at Even Sisters, Island Home, Persimmon Tree, Martha’s Bookstore and the Gift Box. 949.246.7110.
DECEMBER 14-18 , 2011 Newport Harbor Boat Parade http://www.christmasboatparade.com
MAY 5, 2012 ALL ISLAND GARAGE SALE 7:30 am—3:00 pm In The Alleys!!  Info 949.422.8570

SHOOTING THE BREEZE . .  . . Carolyn Carr

It is 5 am and I have been awake since 3 am when my little angel of a cat, Magic, woke me out of a sound sleep gagging - I had to put him outside so he could do his thing out there rather than on my hardwood floors.
This is nothing new. Magic is a 14 year old cat who adopted us when he was 2 years old and his original owner became ill and could not take care of him. He has always been an inside/outside cat. He is an extremely friendly being who talks to everyone he sees. Unfortunately there are not as many people on Pearl as there were on Agate. So he has taken to going down to North Bayfront during the day and sitting on the seawall and talking to the passers by.

All this is wonderful for him - and me.  Magic is also a very thin cat - just like there are thin people.  His weight has always been the same and he has access to food at home 24/7.
Unfortunately strangers look at Magic - and he does beg pitifully - and think, “He needs to be fed.” They feed him and then call the number tag to tell me they have done so - AFTER they feed him.

This is where the problem begins. Magic is allergic to Fish, Beef, Milk and almost everything else. I know - I have paid big bucks to have him tested for allergies. The only thing he is allowed to eat is his HP Formula food. I wish it were otherwise - it is $60.00 a bag! But if he is fed ANYTHING else he leaves it on my floors within 24 hours - usually in the wee hours of the morning!!

Because of Magic I have learned that you should never feed an animal that does not belong to you. I keep treats at my house and always ask the owners before offering them. Some animals are on diets, some have health issues like Magic and some owners just prefer they don’t eat anything but their own food.

And . .. . . this is HUGE - food should never be left outside for your animals. It attracts raccoons (HUGE problem in our neighborhood), rats and possums (they live in the untrimmed palm trees and any dense vegetation) and finally - and most importantly . . . COYOTES
Yes, there have been coyotes spotted on Balboa Island. I knew they lived in Back Bay, but they have found the ‘jack pot’ here in uncovered trash cans and food left outside for our pets. AND OUR PETS - especially cats - are becoming dessert!  They easily come over the bridge at night and there is plenty of foliage on Bayside and other areas to hide them while they sleep during the day.
Since discovering this, I keep Magic in at night - even though he howls to go out when the raccoons and coyotes are near. He thinks he needs to defend our property against these intruders.
I don’t even keep treats in my jar outside for the neighborhood dogs - a local critter - probably a raccoon - took the lid off, ate the treats, but didn’t even have the manners to put the lid back on :(

Magic used to have a collar that said, “Don’t Feed Me - Allergy”. He lost it and the backup one .  I have a new one from http://www.K-9 Collars.com in Canada. K-9 Collars will embroider anything you want on a collar - except swear words. Lori, the owner, has even had people put marriage proposals on their pets’ collars.  She can be reached at 1-800-267-0581

So if you see Magic in the neighborhood— pet him, talk to him, send him home, but PLEASE don’t feed him.  I would like to get to sleep past 3 am!! 

PS A friend of mine who lives in NB lost her cat when a family of raccoons killed it recently—PLEASE protect your animals!!

.Why is the Balboa Island Post Office, Post Offices all Over America and Postal Delivery Service in danger of being closed, modified or discontinued altogether? These are all middle class jobs—jobs that pay a good wage.

Think about it - why is the post office going away? Because everyone uses e-mail and faxes to send us bills, bank statements, price lists, flyers, etc. Because we pay our bills online. What if we tell them they have to MAIL them and we will pay them with stamps. A lot of work you say? Well the alternative of driving to the main post office on Bison and standing in their huge line is a lot of time out of your day.

Leaving all your banking information at sites all over the internet is a risk - the Chinese and other third world countries have legions of people trying to access those bank sites - and they will. Because the banks don’t really care—it is all about us—not them. Fighting identity theft will take a lot of time - years actually

Stop complaining about job loss - support the jobs that we have in this country already—use the post office as much as you can. Those are middle class jobs that can be saved by each American spending a little more time paying their bills. And there are plenty of programs out there that let you print your checks quickly and easily and save all the information in one place - Quicken and Quick Books just to name a couple.

I can recommend people who can get you started with that if you don’t have it already. This is not an advertisement for software of bookkeepers—although it would also create bookkeeping, accounts receivable, and accounts payable jobs here in the USA. Someone will have to open all those envelopes and put the money in the bank.

It takes small steps to do big things—and this is something you can do to change the world!!!

“Surprisingly warm once you are on the water”
“Simply Magical”
WHAT : All Levels and Ages (8-80+) Outrigger Canoeing in the Amsterdam-like Canals of Newport Beach’s Balboa Islands.  Under the glow of millions of Holiday Lights on Homes and Boats competing in the 103rd Newport Beach Boat Parade.  We go out on the nights there is no Boat Parade to avoid the crowds and enjoy the atmosphere.  $35.00 Per Person. Corporate and Private Holiday Paddles available upon request.
WHEN: December 2, 3, 9, 10,11, 23, 30 and 31st. 7 pm—10 pm
WHERE: Newport Aquatic Center—1 Whitecliffs Drive.  Off Polaris, Newport Beach 949.646..7725. http://newportaquaticcenter.com/page15/page34/page34.html

I was driving to La Puente on a Tuesday when I received a call from a family member of Bill Hardesty, owner of the Park Avenue Café.  He was in the hospital and was going to come home on Friday.  Could we get the plumber over to Bill’s Apartment to disconnect the stove, the painter to paint and new carpet installed—before the weekend!!

Immediately I contacted Bob Marjama who disconnected the stove, Derek Hagman, Balboa Island’s Painter, who suggested that we would have to use the special paint Hoag has for its Respiratory units, and I knew just the people to do the carpet replacement (Kamps Island Flooring!).  All was complete by Saturday morning before Halloween.  Bob even ordered and installed new blinds.  Then the real work began with the family reassembling the living space. Unfortunately Bill was overly optimistic and is still in Kindred Hospital in Westminster.  Cards are welcome—drop them at the Park Avenue Café and Denise and Kim will make sure he gets them. No flowers please smile

22 Year Residents of Balboa Island
Move in date flexible—November,
December, Early January.
Older couple—EXTREMELY quiet and clean.
One old cat named Magic—he loves everyone.
Motivated to make your property look great!
Call Mike or Carolyn 949.675.3456 or 949.422.8569

You Have Enemies? Good. That Means You’ve Stood up for Something in Your Life . . . Winston Churchill


JUST FOOD FOR DOGS .  . No Secrets—Just Healthy Food!

Shawn Buckley wanted to find out what was in dog food.  He began reading information the AAFCO requirements—the Bible for pet food producers.  Shawn discovered it wasn’t anything he wanted his dogs to eat—the ears, hooves, beaks, and feet of animals.  Vegetable fiber was empty peanut and almond shells.  Dead, dying and cancerous animals. There was no meat as we recognize it—or anything that would be good for Shawn’s dogs.

Shawn discovered that our dogs routinely lived to be 20 plus years in the 1950s and before.  Not now.  Not so since being cost effective has been the main objective of the corporations who feed our family pets. AAFCO certifies all pet food—including the 181 brands recalled that contained the poison melamine in 2007.  Shawn was a man on a mission to help our dogs.

Shawn hired an expert to create recipes—Chicken, Beef, Fish, Lamb, Duck, Bison and even Ostrich—Vegetables and Rice.  All USDA ingredients .  Things that you could safely eat yourself.  Custom foods with ingredients prescribed by local veterinarians. 
Shawn opened Just Food For Dogs with the cooking space in the front of the store.  For total transparency—to show the care taken in making your dog’s food.  He videotapes the custom orders. But he is no Colonel Sanders—if you want he will GIVE you his every day recipes to prepare at home for your dogs.  How is that for a caring business person! Come and see for yourself at the Open House Saturday December 3rd 10 am –6pm.

Just Food For Dogs, 500 W. Coast Highway, Newport Beach 92663 949.722.3647 is open six days a week: Tues-Friday 10-7, Sat 10-6 and Sunday 11-5.  See the Attached Flyer for More Information!!!

Need a Caterer for the Holidays - Balboa Island ResidentBalboa_Add.pdf


Join or renew your annual Fire Medic Membership for a bargain $48.00/ year.  This will protect you from the unanticipated costs of emergencies.  You will be covered for unlimited paramedic and emergency ambulance transportation with no out-of-pocket expenses.  Membership covers ANYONE at the subscribing address.  Non –members cab be billed for up to $1500 per visit. 
Please call the Fire Department 949.644.3383 for more information, or if you are a homeowner, check for the information included in your water bill. 


CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!  Time to think of Damon Burris and Mike McCleur and ISLAND LIGHTS for Fabulous Lighting and Great Service to keep your lights shining all season long. Residential or Commercial. 
Please Call them Mike at 949.903.9018 or Damon at 949.307.8613
See the Island Lights flyer attached to this newsletter for more information!!


Every Day your diet and exercise habits directly affect your chances of developing heart disease.  Here is what you can do to minimize your risk: Eat a healthy diet each day and exercise.
A Diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole-grain and high-fiber foods, fish, lean protein and fat-free or low-fat dairy products are the key to having a healthy diet each day.
Fruits and Vegetables: At least 4.5 cups a day.
Fish (preferably oily fish): At least two 3.5 oz servings a week.
Fiber-rich whole grains: At least three 1oz. servings per day.
Sodium: Less than 1,500 mg a day.
Sugar-sweetened beverages: No more than 450 calories—36 oz per week.
Nuts, legumes and seeds—at least 4 servings a week.
Processed Meats—No more than 2 servings a week.
Saturated fat: less than 7% of total energy intake.

Please see Shannon’s Flyer attached to this newsletter.  Time to think about getting in shape.  Call her at 949.413.4210 and get started!!

GLENN LEWIS . . . .  Terry Lewis
On Wednesday November 9, my Dad Glenn Lewis passed away at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. He was 95 years old. We are all thankful for the wonderful life he had, and the wonderful life we had with him.
Having served in the Army during WW II in Italy and North Africa, he was truly part of the demographic that Tom Brokaw writes about in his book, “The Greatest Generation” , “At a time in their lives when their days and nights should have been filled with innocent adventure, love, and the lessons of the workaday world, they were fighting in the most primitive conditions possible across the bloodied landscape of France,
Belgium, Italy, Austria, and the coral islands of the Pacific.
They answered the call to save the world from the two most powerful and ruthless military machines ever assembled, instruments of conquest in the hands of fascist maniacs. They faced great odds and a late start, but they did not protest. They succeeded on every front. They won the war; they saved the world. They came home to joyous and short-lived celebrations and immediately began the task of rebuilding their lives and the world they wanted. They married in record numbers and gave birth to another distinctive generation, the Baby Boomers. A grateful nation made it possible for more of them to attend college than any society had ever educated, anywhere. They gave the world new science, literature, art, industry, and economic strength unparalleled in the long curve of history.
As they now reach the twilight of their adventurous and productive lives, they remain, for the most part, exceptionally modest. They have so many stories to tell, stories that in many cases they have never told before, because in a deep sense they didn’t think that what they were doing was
that special, because everyone else was doing it too”.
My dad’s time in the military was very important to him, and up until three months ago, he attended breakfast at 7 am every Wednesday at Coco’s in Newport Center. He loved to talk about his stories and listen to the other veterans talk about what they did. I attended some of these breakfasts and there was always something new to talk about.
Not many people know this, but when someone in my family dies, I try to take a photograph of the sunset on the last day of their life here on earth. When my Dad died early Wednesday morning, the air was warm, the water in front of there East Bay Front home was eerily still. There was not a wisp of air moving a single leaf.
The sky was a deep morning blue. Not cloud to be seen and the visibility was forever. The start to a beautiful but sad day for my family.
I shot this sunset at around 5:15 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon.
Like the morning, the day was like a warm Newport summer day.
In the late afternoon, the sky looked promising for a beautiful sunset.
As I have done several times in the past,, I went to my favorite spot for
sunsets. WOW! The sunset on Wednesday afternoon, was on of the most
beautiful ones I have ever photographed. The good Lord and my
Dad gave me a sunset to remember him for a long time.
I will never forget that day!

Please remember my Dad in your prayers.  Funeral arrangements are pending.

EVERYDAY MEALS . .  . . . Whole Health Every Day

My favorite new advertisers have to be Rebecca Clubb and Schellie Walsh.  I am always short on time and cooking has never been my thing.  And I love healthy food.  So when they contacted me to put a flyer in this newsletter—I signed up to get their food on a weekly basis.  Love the muffins, love the soup—and the main courses are yummy, creative and good for you.
I am going to follow up with an interview in February, but in the meantime check out their flyer, call Schellie at 949.278.9688, e-mail Rebecca @whole healtheveryday.com and ENJOY!!!




337 East Bay Front
Beautiful 3-Story, 3 Bedroom and Pier.
Open Floor Plan—
Loft Master Bedroom.
Garage Parking.
All Appliances are Included.
Large Front Patio Area for Entertaining.
3-5 Year Lease is Available at $5000 Per Month.
Live a Dream on Beautiful Balboa Island.

DYAN CANNON . . . . Book Signing

Dyan Cannon was only married to Cary Grant for 3 years—but those three years contained a lifetime of experiences.  Martha’s Bookstore hosted Dyan’s book signing for “Dear Cary”, an autobiography, on Saturday November 12 followed by a small get-together at Pat Humphries house on Little Island. 
Pat and her mother Barbara have been selling Real Estate in Newport Beach since before I met them 22 years ago.  Pat is newly affiliated with Harcourts Prime Properties.  949.610.3497 Call her—trust her—Dyan did.


Lisa Benedetti, who has been my manicurist for 17+ years, recently suggested I try Shellac Gel I tried this product and I am now on my third week—because I used a “natural” color. I really could go another week or two without replacing these nails.  And my own nails are still very healthy!

I am very hard on my hands because of my constant typing and moving boxes of fliers .  This made me a great test case. My nails look great—they wear great—and the cost is minimal compared to acrylics!!

Try them—you will love them!!  Only $30.00 per set! Call Lisa at Salon Ecco, 270 Bristol Street Suite 102, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 714.557.2234


I recently discovered that though AARP Magazine claims  to be the ‘Worlds Largest Circulation Magazine” there is no “Letters to the Editor”  page or information.

I wanted to express my concern that they are inserting my name in advertisements in their Magazine—For Example:
”Ms Carolyn Carr . . Planning to care for an aging parent .  . “

Now the fact that both my parents are long gone and I don’t need to be reminded of that is one issue.  But the larger issue is the more important one. I conscientiously shred everything with my name on it to prevent Identify Theft.  Do I now have to look at every ad in AARP Magazine to make sure I am not named there as well?

AARP has done a great job of targeting the senior market - their original goal - but they are still just one of many choices when choosing your Medicare provider - and not necessarily the best.