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October-November, 2008 Volume 10 Issue 6


SUN DEC. 7 BALBOA ISLAND HOLIDAY HOME TOUR—11 am—4 pm Tickets Available at Island Home, Let’s Go Shopping, Martha’s Bookstore, Persimmon Tree, and The Gift Box.
DEC 17—21 NEWPORT HARBOR BOAT PARADE—Starts 6 pm Collins Island.
MAY 2, 2009 ALL ISLAND GARAGE SALE 7:30 am—3:00 pm

SHOOTING THE BREEZE.  . . . . . . . . .  . . Carolyn Carr

This has been an interesting couple of months for me—it seems I am always starting this column with “I learned something about myself . . . “ And this was no exception.  I had a stroke on July 30th, as I was driving my car to the dealership for repairs in Huntington Beach.  I thought I was having a weird reaction to the Advil I had taken for my bad knee.  It was a weird reaction all right—but not to Advil! 

As I sat in the dealership and called Mike I figured I could get to my doctor in Newport faster with the shuttle service than having Mike come and get me - never thought about Paramedics. But my will is way out of date and I sat scribbling a new one on the back of the receipt from the car!  My doctor suggested the shuttle person drop me off at her office and wait while she checked me out—then take me to Hoag if need be.  I pointed out this was a “shuttle driver” - not a chauffeur.  Eventually, I did get to Hoag with Mike.

Everyone asked me — was I afraid—of what—of dying—of hospitals?  Didn’t think I was going to get off this planet that easily so I probably wasn’t going to die and if so, it would be an adventure I would have to go through.  As for hospitals—I am lucky—my father was a OB/GYN and I spent my childhood Sundays waiting while he did his rounds and looked at all the new mothers and babies.  It was an outing with dad that I enjoyed.  I am one of the few people I know who actually like hospitals!!  If I could only work in one. 

I did loose my right hand for several days—something called proprioception—the ability to tell where your hand is in space.  I have been lost in space for years—so maybe my hand is just catching up with my brain—or vice versa!!  Mike brought my computer to Hoag because I could not write at all and after the mouse stopped being a hovercraft I could actually type a paragraph in about 10 minutes—probably 3 words a minute—compared to the 90 I usually type.  Practice, practice—handwriting and typing—you would have thought I was in second grade the day I called all my friends to tell them I could print!!

I am lucky—I had a mild stroke and I laugh a lot—as my friend Tom said—I have proven once again that I am a survivor.  And I know that laughter is the best medicine—I told the neurologist at the hospital to smile and lighten up—he couldn’t control what was going to happen to me—but it would be a lot easier on me if he smiled smile

Now, for the really important part—all the people who have helped me in the last couple of months.  I hope I remember everyone.—my memory is not terrific.

First to Mary Hardesty and Dotty Dozel who spent a good part of their day in the ER with me—their love and smiles were what got me through!!

Next to Patti Gordon who stepped up to the plate and ran Island Flooring and Island Style after having been in the office only a couple of days prior to my stroke.  She really went through a trial by fire and came out a shining star!! 

Tina Page, of Island Bookkeeping, who wrote all my checks the first week when my hand wasn’t working well enough to pay the bills.  Thanks so much Tina!  Getting people paid is very, very important.

Cindy Bausher who has watered and weeded all my pots and plants and kept everything healthy.  They don’t look this good when I do them!  If you need someone to help you with your foliage give her a call.

Carrie Bryant who drove me everywhere I needed to go—we went shopping and to retrieve my car which McKenna Volkswagen graciously stored for almost a month by the time I finally retrieved it

My exercise guru Shannon Carpenter came to the house and helped me slowly get back into exercising—Mostly walking and stretching at this point.

Matthew of Olive Oil and Beyond for all of the wonderful healthy oils he has mixed for my heart and my arteries.  And the freshly baked Sourdough bread—and the dark chocolate—mmmmm to both—I don’t know if my doctor would approve—but in moderation all things is wonderful.

Thanks from both Mike and I to Jennifer at Designed Dinners—where else can you get a “real” dinner for about $5.00 per person—just add salad and side!!  I can’t thank Jenny enough—especially since my sons, grandsons and niece came to visit over a period of three weeks—and cooking was not a good thing for me.  A whole pot of spaghetti went down the drain one night!!

And all my love to the man who watched me dump the spaghetti, get caught in the seat belt, knock things over, break things, curse and yell—the man with all the patience—Mike Kamps—Thanks for putting up with me.  You are the best of all!!!

The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed.—Sebastian R.N. Champort

BALBOA ISLAND ICONS . . . Bill and Pat Ettienne

Island history was greatly influenced by countless icons who migrated here from the Pasadena, San Marino/Arcadia area.  First as summer vacationers, then as Island owners.  The total must be awesome!

Bill and Pat Ettienne, native Californians, personify the exodus.  They met on vacation here in the 40s through mutual relatives.  She was only 14, he was 19.  Her first impression was “handsome, but square”!  His was “I tried to be a gentleman, but Holy Smoke, what a brat”!  Pat admitted his label was warranted when she another giggling girl took him out in a boat and purposefully tried to maneuver it so he would fall overboard.  Instead they ran into a sandbar and the task of extracting it fell upon Bill!

Four years later, after she attended Anokia School for Girls in Pasadena and he attended a military school in New Mexico he asked her for a date.  At his mother’s prompting.  They went to see “Ken Murray’s Blackout” - a popular Hollywood show.  The next night he proposed, asking “shall we marry this weekend or next?” Their wedding was so small they compensated by a big 60th Anniversary party on a catered boat.

While Pat attended USC to become an Occupational Therapist, Bill served in the Merchant Marine as a Marine Engineer first in World War II, then in the Korean War.  There time together was limited and at times eventful.  Once bill took Pat aboard a ship and left her in a stateroom while he went to the engine room.  They didn’t realize the boat was leaving port and Pat had to get off at the next port by descending Jacob’s Ladder hung on the side of the ship—straight up—high heels, dress and all!!

Typically, they owned a home in Pasadena, raised two children, skied, vacationed on Balboa Island and eventually acquired a Beach house on Sapphire in 1954 .  They still enjoy time spent with friends and family boating, playing cards/games and Pat pursues her hobby of water color painting.

imagePat has adopted many rescue dogs to use as therapy for shut-ins.  The current one is a loveable Cocker Spaniel “Boomer”, part of the family who sat on my feet during the interview.  Little wonder the Island became a great place with people like the Ettiennes joining their neighbors from the Pasadena area.  If you would like to be in touch with them and renew old friendships—let me know!!

Would you like to be saluted as a Balboa Island ICON—please call Doris Lee @ 949.280.0607 or e-mail

A VIBRANT LIFE FORM . . .  Faith Bowlus

Deep within the pulse of our city exists a life form seldom drawn to our attention, yet intense in its self propagation.  I have lived on Balboa Island for sixty years, but only recently have I discovered my proximity to this phenomenon, which I describe in a letter to a friend:

On a recently balmy evening, my house guest drove me ever so slowly along Back Bay Drive, the car windows rolled down so that we could hear the vast symphony of crickets hidden in the masses of scrub and grasses.  It was amazing.  At intervals a “soloist”, a cricket of a different sort, would sing out.  And where the high tide met the road, a chorus of frogs offered its own input.  We would stop periodically to listen. 

Above us the nearly full moon shone.

Time for those beautiful Christmas Lights - and our Friends at Island Lighting—Damon and Mike are ready to decorate your house for the holidays.  Give them a call at 949.307.8613 or 949.903.9018.  Or you can stop them as they deliver the Island Breeze—without them you would not be reading this issue at your home.


3 Story—3 Bedroom—3 Bath
Pier w/Boat Mooring
Yearly Lease $6,500/month


Bright, Airy, Quiet Studio Apartment w/Sleeping Loft. 
Queen Sized Bed– Super Comfortable!!
DirecTv in Living and Sleeping Areas. Wireless Internet Access.
Kitchenette. We Supply the Linens and the Coffee!!!
Parking. $950.00/week.  949.422.8570.


Need a Fax or a Copy - Or an Airline Ticket Printed Out.
Come to Island Flooring. We even do short run copy jobs—NO NEED TO LEAVE THE ISLAND and go to Staples—ask Becky at Marina Sailing—she walks across the street and does all her copying error-free here!!
118 Agate Avenue 949.675.3456.  FAX NUMBER 949.675.4348

DEE’s BALBOA ISLAND TALK . . . . . . . . . . Dee Dawson
I’ve discovered recently that the Island has a handful of ’new neighbors’ dotting Marine Avenue.  I dropped into A’Maree’s Boutique and met with Sandy Simonian the talented jewelry designer and style consultant of this eclectic collection.  Their signature designer, Christina Kim, creates wearable art pieces crafted from naturally-dyed fabrics featuring hand-sewn assembly.  It is a marvel to behold some of the pieces.  Much of the fabric is imported from Peru, Kenya, Vietnam and other distant lands.  I would call their look a fusion of ‘travel meets ready-to-wear”.  This museum-quality shop is very impressive and a must see.  322 Marine— 949.723.0051.

A couple of doors down, new Fashion Boutique Rome had recently replaced Sommerska.  I met with stylist Gabriel, and he is very excited about the great labels the shop is currently featuring with more to be added later.  Coming soon—True Religion!!  In the meantime this very hip ‘urban-chic’ collection of separates and dresses offers labels such as Addict and Butterfly Drop-Out.  Save a trip to Neiman Marcus—Stop in soon at 324 Marine Avenue.  949.673.5707.

Barola by The Sea (formerly Giorgio’s Trattoria) is scheduled to be open in time for the holidays.  Proprietor ‘Giuseppe’ owns another such restaurant in Tustin, and is looking forward to bringing his fine Italian cuisine here to Balboa Island.  So I have heard some real good reviews.

The economy may be stressing—but you certainly don’t have to!  Calm your nerves with a relaxing stretch or Pilates work-out locally at Balboa Island Pilates.  Owner ‘Karen’ is currently offering the best incentive ever—so now is the time to take full advantage!!  Select from these great classes:  Yoga $10:00—Pilates $10:00 or Pole $15.00.  Limited offer—so stop in soon!!  307 Marine—rear Courtyard.  949.675.8400.

imageMy favorite Holiday is right around the corner.  Boo!  Yes, that’s the one .  . . Balboa Island cannot do a proper Halloween without a visit to Our Gang General Store .  This annual must-see collection of novelties from spooky to creepy to downright cute, once more has many choices to select from.  On this year’s A-list were definitely the hanging Pirate Skull string lights—about $23.00.  Garden Stakes @ $29.00.  Way cute hanging Spider lights @$32.00 w/12 assorted colors of spiders per box.  You must also see the cute ‘blinking’ lapel pins featuring ghost, bats, witches and other ghouls!!  217-1/2 Marine 949.675.0666

Finally, what would Halloween be without our favorite source for treats, Balboa Island Candy?  I stopped in to see what was ‘happening’ and I was lost somewhere in the herd of customers cramming the store—truly SRO!! As always great taffies and other individually wrapped candies by the pound—perfect for all the hob-goblins at your door step.  Did you know that they also feature a ‘Good Humor Ice Cream Freezer’ in the store?  All the traditional favorites are available.  301A Marine, 723.6099. Take a trip right around the corner to memory lane!  Have a safe and sane Halloween!!

The Rick Sherman Duo will be at the Village Inn on the First Friday of Each Month through December and also on Halloween (Friday October 31) and on Friday December 19th during the boat parade.
Now Playing at the Village Inn the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month and at the Newport Beach Yacht Club the 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoons of each month. 


The festive holidays are once again a time for families to gather around their homes and celebrate the blessings of life.  Many homeowners are preparing for the holidays and a lifetime of beauty and value by installing new dual-pane, energy efficient windows from Galkos Construction.  Over 30,000 homeowners throughout LA and Orange Counties have selected Galkos as their home improvement specialists.

Windows have been described as “The Eyes of your Home” defining its character and integrity.  Over time old style aluminum or wood windows deteriorate and lose energy every day.  With energy costs on the rise, and noise and pollution increasing daily, Island residents are replacing their windows, patio sliding doors and French doors with a stylish contemporary solution.

Our Anlin “Coronado” series of vinyl window systems allow you to personalize the look of your home.  They are precision manufactured for your custom measurements and result in significant year-round comfort, energy efficiency and savings.

Galkos uses only the finest in quality materials, expertly installed.  We have the industries best warrantees and offer financial incentives that add value and beauty to your home, all of which are backed by a proven team of professionals which will exceed your expectations.

Special savings:  Schedule your estimate in October and receive additional “Holiday” discounts.

Call John Frederick at 714.2 71.1935 for a Free Estimate. From our 350 Galkos employees to your family, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


Money can buy Happiness—but only if you spend it on others.  “We’re significantly happier when spending pro-socially” - on gifts or charity— says the University of British Columbia’s Elizabeth Dunn, Ph.D., who led a survey of Americans.  The difference was seen at all income levels and even when volunteers were given five bucks and a random assignment to spend it either on themselves or on others.  Plus, the good feeling lasts six to eight weeks longer than that glow from your vacation—Gina Roberts-Grey (AARP Magazine November & December 2008)

Why am I mentioning this? With the coming Holiday season we are putting in a lot of floors, showers and countertops—from bathrooms to living rooms to whole houses.  People aren’t willing to deal with the hassles of traveling—instead they are staying home with family and friends.  Not a bad thing at all!!  And they want their house to put on the most beautiful face it can.

With Island Flooring you can beautify your house and “earn” a little bit of happiness at the same time.  We will donate 10% of your total Invoice to your favorite charity .  And this year every charity needs help—from food banks to the Red Cross.  Help yourself and help others.  Come and see Island Flooring today!!

If you are “quality driven” come and see us.  Our prices are competitive and installation is the step that makes or breaks the job.  A great installation is the final step in a great job.  We have lots of rave reviews!
We will work to make sure your job goes smoothly from start to finish!

Will Donate 10% of Your
Total Invoice to Your Favorite Charity
Island Flooring 118 Agate Avenue, Balboa Island, CA
949.675.3456 T. 949.422.8569
Expires: December 31, 2008

The Island Breeze
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