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February-March, 2015, Volume 4, Issue 2


Wednesdays ART WITH A TWIST—5:30 pm-8 pm—Wilma’s Patio Contact: Carole or e-mail
Saturday April 25, 2015 25th ANNUAL BALBOA ISLAND—ALL ISLAND GARAGE SALE 7:30 am—3 pm Application inside!!
Sunday May 17, 2015 Balboa Island Art Walk—9 am-5pm—South Bayfront.
Sunday June 7, 2015 Balboa Island Parade—Marine Avenue


As I posted on http://www.balboa-island.com last April—this will be my FINAL garage sale.  Not that I don’t LOVE organizing it and love the positive feedback I get from most Island residents.  I even get emails from out of the area vacationers who make their plans around the date!  However older age is creeping up and it HAS been 25 years!  Where does the time go?  My grandchildren are now in college—what a scary thought!
I do know I am grateful for Balboa Island and the part it played in my ‘growing up’ .  I was in my late 40s and figured I knew it all when I moved to Balboa Island, but the residents taught me otherwise.  There always seems to be a lot to learn! 
One of the things I learned is that the ‘Greatest Generation’ was called that for a reason.  They were great supporters and teachers and embraced me in the ‘hug’ that is Balboa Island.  I would still be there except for some deep changes in my life—both physical and financial.  I realize that change is never easy, but there is always an upside!
Thank you for all the years of fun at the Garage Sale—I will miss that event. 
Speaking of change—there has also been a tremendous amount of it on Marine Avenue.  Store owners who arrived months, and even years before I did are closed! Martha’s Bookstore, Even Sisters, Beach Time Realty, Sculptures, CandlEssence!!  I covered Martha’s Bookstore in the Winter Issue.

Here is a letter that Neil and Stacy from CandlEssence sent their clients:
Overhead or Grandkids….. ?? 
In the end it was an easy decision for us!  Neil and I will be closing our Balboa Island store after the holiday season this year and moving closer to the family in San Diego County where it all started. 
Don’t fret though, as our candles will still be available on Balboa Island at Laura Matthews Designs at 322 Marine Ave. We will keep the island stocked with all your favorites and seasonal choices as well as continue to take custom orders on the website. 
Our candles will also be available for shipment on the website or by phone so feel free to call us. You will also still be able to see what candles are coming out of the molds, and undoubtedly some photos and videos of Oliver on our Facebook page, so if you haven’t already, follow us to stay connected athttp://www.facebook.com/CECandles 
We will also be branching out to expand our corporate gift, custom labeling and wholesale services, so if you know a business that would benefit, please refer them to our website athttp://www.CECandles.com 
Wishing you and yours the very best ! 
Neil, Stacey and Oliver
Of course on the upside—Picante Martin’s has expanded and has a lot more inside seating.  Shanghai Pine Garden has new owners, but the same familiar food.  Enjoy!!

TAX TIPS FROM RUDY . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . Rudy Baron

Renting your vacation home
The tax treatment of the rental income and expenses of your Balboa Island vacation home is complex and different from other rental properties. If you rent your vacation home less than 15 days a year, the rental income is tax free and you can deduct interest and property taxes paid, but not other rental expenses for the entire year. If you rent your vacation home 15 days or more during the year, and personal use does not exceed the larger of 14 days or 10% of the rental days, you must include the rents received in income. Days spent repairing and maintaining the home are not included as personal use. Deductions for depreciation, repairs, utilities, etc. are not allowed unless interest and property taxes on the rental are less than rental income. If you occupy the home for more time, this is use of a personal residence and not part of a passive activity. Use by family and relatives is personal use.
If you convert a vacation home to a primary residence and later sell the property, a portion of any profit will be subject to tax. The tax will be based on the time, after 2008,the home was not used as a primary residence. Although the gain on a sale of a primary residence may enjoy an exemption from tax, gains on the sale of a second home do not. In addition, gains on a sale of a second home may be subject to the3.8% Medicare surtax.
Rudy and his wife, Suzy, live on Little Balboa Island, and his office is located at 901 Dover Drive, Suite 200, Newport Beach. He can be reached at (949)640-0588.  Rudy makes your life less taxing.


DEE’s TALK OF THE COAST . . . . Dee Dawson

The ‘hurry & flurry” of the Holiday season is now behind us and lot’s of exciting things circulating around town in 2015!!  
OPENING SOON!  The former ‘Martha’s’, will morph into ’Island Tales’ Children’s Bookstore.  A few doors down, many of you have recently noticed the long-awaited remodel/completion of festive, Picante Martin’s.  The food is better than ever and so much nicer to have that extra ‘leg-room’!!  Great lunchtime stop and longtime ‘locals’ favorite.  A Must-try:  Chicken-Tortilla Soup.  
 Another local Boutique I am growing quite fond of lately, is Modeology.   First, I love the sophisticated ‘black’ canvas and wood flooring which sets their clothing apart from ‘traditional’ selling spaces.  This store carries some pretty big heavy-hitters in Women’s Fashion such as:  ’Splendid’, ‘Free-People’, ‘Language’, ‘Kut from the Cloth’ and MORE!  For great go-to Denims, they feature ‘Joe’s’, ‘Hudson’ and ‘7 for All Mankind’:  thinking of driving up to Fashion Island to a ‘big-box Retailer to see these great styles?  Save your gas - they’re all right here.  ’Bo-Ho’ chic looks and see the smaller room, featuring Lingerie & beautifully-scented Toiletry line ‘Lollia’ (carried @ Neiman’s)  
Down the street in the 200 block occupying Family T’s old spot comes the brand new Eclipse Eyewear  - 213 1/2 Marine Ave. -  sunglass & optical shop!  You must stop in & check out these TOP Designer frames rarely featured anywhere.  Gorgeous styles from names like:  ’Tom Ford’, ‘Bvlgari’, ‘D.&G.’, ‘Tiffany’ and countless more.  The Bvlgari’s priced @ 545.00 - on the higher end - were hand-studded w/ sparkling, eye-catching crystal.  For those on a more modest budget, the ‘Kate Spades’ or ‘Ray Ban’s’ came in @ right around 100.00  Stop in soon and speak with helpful Mngr. ‘Rachel’.  You’ll never shop anywhere else for frames!!  723.0373  
Also in the 200 block:   ‘Kale’ is THE hot new leaf of ‘special interest’ - and you can have it blended into any drink of your choice over at Juice Crafter’s Juice Bar !(next door to Shell shop)  Smoothies, straight, w/Acai, or any way you like!  A little known tidbit - Owner who also runs another local restaurant - makes special ‘Seasonal’ soups and they are to-die-for good!!!  (I sampled the Coconut & Red Lentil - SO good!)   I was informed his Daily Soups run mostly the Winter months— then he pulls them.  Stop by very soon & ‘think healthy’!!
While over on Balboa a few days ago, stopped by ‘Woody’s’ Diner’ - Lido Village.  I was floored by their delicious ‘Feature-of-the-Day’ Malibu Omelet’ - one of the best I’ve had since the former ‘George’s Camelot’ left Lido, years ago.  The raisin-toast here is tops as well - cannot order everywhere and one of my favorites!  This Breakfast is not one to miss. While you’re there check out their other ‘home-style’ Menu items. Low-key atmosphere, great prices, congenial staff.  Via Lido  723.8777

I love seeing Mike McCluer of Island Lights. It reminds me of the prompt fabulous work he does with a smile on his face at Christmas time— hanging all the beautiful lights.
Now you can see him all year long doing
GENERAL HOME REPAIR—Electrical, Carpentry including (termite/wood rot, rough/finish, fence/gate repair), plumbing, concrete, general clean up/hauling and demo.
Let Mike help you!  Call him @949.903.9018

CORNEY JOKES . . . . . Susan Sherbert
International Day of Happiness
March 20, 2015

My purpose is to help people smile and have more fun so I was super excited to discover that there was an entire day dedicated to happiness. In honor of such a fantastic movement I ask you to join me in the celebration and share the smiles. Spread the joy.
Visit FunHappyEnjoy.com for more information. I am offering free booklets and corny jokes to share with your social media, plus my book “Grown-ups Don’t Skip” will be available free on Amazon on March 20th. Help support International Day of Happiness!
Thank You from Susan Sherbert


Last month I was shopping in Ralph’s on 17th Street about 2 pm and my heart started racing and I started shaking!  Thinking I needed lunch I stopped at the deli, finished my shopping, and left.  The following day I went to Ralph’s and the shaking started again.  I had just finished lunch.  Now there is only one thing that can cause that type of reaction other than low blood sugar—pesticides.  I emailed their Customer Service Department asking if they had sprayed pesticides at that location. 

Below is their reply:

Dear Mrs. Kamps
Thank you for contacting Ralphs. I am so sorry to learn about the allergic reaction you had in our store on 380 E 17th St. We know and understand you have a choice in where you shop and are grateful that you’ve chosen to do so with us.
  I have contacted the store director at that location and was told that once a month they do pesticide spraying during the hours that the store is close, the sprayers are only to spray under the bottom shelves as well. Unfortunately the date varies on when they come to spray the store, the store director knows the next day when the store has already been sprayed. The store director Bret advised that if you have anymore comments or concerns about this issue he would be happy to speak with you about them.

They cook in the deli area, have a large quantity of fresh food and it is necessary to spray for sanitation purposes.  But for those children in strollers close to the floor and for people like me with pesticide sensitivities—it would be good to have them POST the information outside the store so we don’t have to endanger our health!

2015 is the YEAR OF THE HACKER
Even before Anthem and recent European bank hackings, we were all exposed to Target, Home Depot and Sony.  The Sony employees pulled out there old Blackberries when the hacking occurred—secure, unhackable encryption!
Just imagine how many individuals there are out there right now trying desperately to hack into Apple Pay.  Phones have no firewalls or anti virus software.  I would be really cautious about putting any sensitive bank information on your phone unless it is a Blackberry.  I am not even sure you CAN put bank information on a Blackberry—which would explain the lack of a Starbucks app!!

I have discovered that even if you shred all your documents and place them in the trash it isn’t safe.  If all the pieces are in the same bag, there is now software that will reassemble the documents.  Instead of nicely bagging up all my shredding in a plastic bag, I dump it loose with the wet garbage.  Hopefully that will work!


711 West 17th Street
Unit H-5
Costa Mesa, CA 92627


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