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November, 2006 Volume 8 Issue 6


FRIDAY DEC 1 FRIDAY NIGHT STROLL 7pm—9 pm, Marine Avenue
2:30 pm—4:30 pm Santa, Carolers, Snow and Lots of Fun
SUN. DEC. 17 Starts at 6:30 pm at Collins Island—Finishes around 8:30 pm
At the Balboa Island Ferry.

SHOOTING THE BREEZE.  .  .Carolyn Carr

After several mornings of Internet frustration, I finally booked one of the cottages at Crystal Cove.  My adventure took place in midweek November.  I had little guidance on my adventure since there hasn’t been a lot written about staying at Crystal Cove.  The State of California hadn’t given any pre-opening stays to journalists—we were on our own, just like millions of others in the state.

Mike and I had attended a flooring seminar that afternoon and we raced down to Crystal Cove to check in at 4:00.  Mike took one look at the place—no TV and a double bed—said he would join me at the Beachcomber for dinner, but other than that I was on my own! 

They advertise the place as one step above camping, so I was not surprised he was not staying.  I love to read, write and meditate—the perfect setting for me.

After coming home I parked in the lot across PCH as instructed and took the 1930s bright red school bus shuttle with my luggage over to the cabins.  OOPS—I was supposed FIRST take my car back to check-in where they would drive me and the luggage to my little room and THEN take my car to the parking lot.  The way I did it Thank goodness I still had my check-in information in my purse and a phone number for the front desk—an angel in a golf cart named Susan picked me up and took me to my room.  (Susan on the right—Joy on the left—both really neat women who made my stay easy and enjoyable.)
Arriving at my cabin I met one of the other couples who was sharing my There I met “dormstyle” cottage.  Rich and Jackie from Irvine.  We discovered we had a mutual friend in Diana Chandler on the Island and I spent a pleasant evening chatting and eating before an early bedtime. 
I was “waking up the birds” the next morning—that is how Mike describes my 4:30 am wake up time!!!  It was quiet and peaceful—I could hear the waves from the beach just a few hundred yards away. 

The cottage I was staying at had originally been owed by the Ogden family who had stayed there recently and their visit had been written up in the newspaper.  They were pleased with what had been done to their place, although they wished it was still theirs.  I can certainly understand why.  This place must have been even more awesome before civilization and the sounds of PCH moved in. 
I found my house in the Crystal Cove book—and it looked the same—except the blue plastic overhang was gone.  The details of the interior of the cottage looked original—a new foundation had been poured.  Plumbing and electricity had been upgraded.  The refrigerator was a replica of one that might have come with the house—the furnishings were fun and funky.  Surfboards hung from the dining room ceiling.

I wandered down to the check-in house where free coffee, tea, hot cocoa and newspapers await those who are up before the restaurant opens—and throughout the day.  There I met Cece who had grown up in the area and knew Balboa Island well.  No matter where I go, people always have good memories of our Island.  It is a wonderful feeling. 

I have to admit I had to work during the day, so I didn’t get to enjoy the Cove as much as I had hoped, but Mike and I were back that night for the sunset—which was spectacular—and dinner at the Beachcomer restaurant.  And always the sound of the surf soothing you in the background.
The sunsets were stunning.  The waves were relaxing.  The views were awesome.  The people were wonderful.  The atmosphere was “Balboa Island like” - with everyone wanting to see each other’s cottage.  I loved it.  I will brave the Internet and come to Crystal Cove again.

Creaking Rocking Chair
By Faith Bowlus

Rocking chair creaking,
Squeaking the story
Of Grandmother soothing.
Immersed in the glory
Of new living blended
With well-seasoned years.

Fireplace crackling.
Bright darts of flame;
Warmth and light bringing
Back then, now the same.

The hearth in this home,
Center of living,
Soothes bereft,
Soothes new life,
Encapsulates being

Rental -Balboa Island furnished, newly decorated studio apartment with loft and parking.  Rent for the week or the month instead of a hotel room.  Refrigerator, Microwave, Free Wireless Internet, Direct TV, Parking.  Available Weekly, Monthly—$1000.00/WK. 949.422.8570.


My cat, Magic, came to me as an indoor-outdoor cat.  He knows how to look hungry and beg. But he has taught me a lesson.  PLEASE don’t feed other people’s animals—they can have a food allergy like mine does. 
If I keep Magic inside he is fine, but when I let him out he finds other food and comes home and gets sick all over my carpet. Now whatever comes out of a body once it is ingested is not covered in the Stainmaster Carpet Warrantee (I have first hand knowledge of that)—so I am blessed with permanent spots in my carpet as well as a constantly sick cat.
Last month we had a triple digit vet bill because someone fed Magic something that disagreed with him and almost killed him.  I know, he could be eating trash—but this guy doesn’t like people food, so I suspect it is kind hearted souls who just don’t understand.  He really isn’t hungry—he is just a great con artist in the cat food world!!!!  Talk to him, but don’t feed him!!


The year 2006 has been THE consummate ‘extended road trip’ of a lifetime. Following this opportunity of happy exploration through a variety of quaint, small towns up and down the state aren’t I lucky to still call Balboa Island home? 
Arriving here—just in time festivities—Halloween night on Marine Avenue. The street looked traditionally spooky as ever—excellent animatronics and creativity!  Visitors and locals alike, a good time was had by all!!
As the year winds down, it is time once again to kick-off the Holiday season.  As I leisurely strolled Marine Avenue I ran into more than one of my merchant friends who had previews of good things to come! 
Long time buddy “A.K.” at Rachel’s wants to ‘scoop’ all Islanders on the coming expansion of her store—adding men’s apparel to the already fabulous trendy women’s selections.  She will be carrying famous-label jeans, shirts and shoes for our Island guys! 
New merchant Hidden Treasures, 329 Marine Avenue, wants everyone to see their extraordinary bamboo mirrors with ‘cut coral’ detail or other exotic shells.  Also coming—unique customized baskets stuffed with shell creations from the seven-seas, as well as more rare Tahitian oil paintings—all stunning gifts for your Island home.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner—just pick up the phone and special order a turkey from Hershey’s Market.  I was advised that the deli counter will take your phone number and desired poundage - done! Gift baskets are available with imported cheeses, crackers, wine and other gourmet “nibbles” - $34.99 and up. 
For Holiday decorations you won’t want to forget a stop at the Sandpiper.  Come and see their Grandma’s kitchen area with all the vintage kitchen gifts.  Once again, Gail has the Anna Lee collectible dolls that have been a favorite since I was a child—and that was a few years ago smile Sandpiper is famous for all the inventive, surprising and fun things that will make your holiday memorable.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year on Balboa Island—all the beautiful lights make the Island look like a Fairyland. 
Just another quick reminder about Damon Burris and Mike McClure—my favorite Holiday lighting experts. Call Mike and Damon at 949.903.9018

The Energy Diet:
After watching the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” New York Times writer Andrew Postman had a few thoughts on saving energy:
“I’ve thought pro-green thoughts, and occasionally done pro-green things.  I’ve run the dishwasher and washer-dryer only with full loads.  I’ve recycled.  I’ve shaved while showering . . . , I’ve been too busy to do much more, though, and too confused and overwhelmed by all the eco hype out there, and too inflexible to seriously change my lifestyle.  I won’t hang my clothes out to dry and I won’t drive slower—neither will anyone else.  And recently I bought a flat-screen high-def 37-inch TV, an energy-Hoover you will have to pry from my cold, dead hands. “ However, here are some things he will do to emit less CO2.
Lower the thermostat at night by two degrees—each degree saves 315 pounds of CO2 per year.
Quit the habit of turning on the shower and leaving the bathroom, not returning until several minutes after the water is hot.  Two minutes shower going unnecessarily times 2.5 gallons per minute times 365 morning showers times three ounces of CO2 produced per gallon of hot water equals 342 pounds of CO2 per year.
When washing white loads, I’d switch from the warm/warm cycle to warm/cold, comfortable that neither I nor my wife would notice the difference.  (We didn’t) Sixty-two pounds saved.
Andrew talked to energy experts who pointed out bad habits that we don’t even think are bad habits.  For example, is it really energy-wiser to leave a light or computer on for the few minutes you are out of the room, rather than turn it off and on again?  “Total Myth.  Because it takes me more work to shut it off, people think it must generally requires more energy.  It is like the better-to-leave-the-car-idling theory.”
He called retailers to get them to stop sending print catalogs.  Ninety (the average number of pages) times 12 (number of issues per year) times 10 retailers equals 10,800 pages.  Since research shows that one tree produces about 25,000 pages of the coated, lower-end virgin paper used in most catalogs, nearly 1/2 of one tree was saved.  One tree produces 260 pounds of oxygen, 43 percent of that is 112 pounds, which converts to 154 pounds of CO2 saved.
Like any diet—small steps lead in the right direction.  For more tips and the entire article go to http://www.thegreenguide.com New York Times: The Energy Diet.

We have a new high-speed copy machine.  We can now copy large and small quantities, color copies and fax.  Come in and try out our service.

JUST A REMINDER—SEND US YOUR STORIES OF JIM JENNINGS—They will be printed in the Island Breeze and eventually made into a book by Jim’s son, Jim Jennings, Jr.  Thanks.