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Coastal Breeze, October - November, Volume 3, Issue 6


Wednesdays ART WITH A TWIST—5:30 pm-8 pm—Wilma’s Patio Contact: Carole Boller @949.433.1400 or e-mail
Weds December 17– 21 106th Annual Christmas Boat Parade
Sunday December 7 Christmas Tree Lighting—Fun for the Whole Family 4 pm BI Fire Station
Sunday December 7 36th Annual Corona del Mar Christmas Walk—11 am—3 pm
Sunday December 14 Holiday Home Tour—11 am—4 pm
Saturday April 25, 2015 25th ANNUAL BALBOA ISLAND—ALL ISLAND GARAGE SALE 7:30 am—3 pm

SHOOTING THE BREEZE . . . . The Misunderstood Millennials

There has been much complaing about our younger generation—the Millennials born between 1977 and 2000—generation Y.  The ‘entitled’ generation.  The generation that lives at home with their parents while they figure out what their ‘passion’ might be. The generation that changes their major numerous times as they drift through college trying to find themselves. 
People say, “Why can’t they buckle down like their parents and other generations did?  Why don’t they dig in and work like ‘we’ did”?  This from whatever generation is speaking— from the Baby Boomers, to the X generation and much older. 
There are numerous reasons and after much research here is what I have come up with. (And I am NOT the only one).
First and Foremost—The ‘depression-recession’ .  They don’t have access to the jobs earlier generations had when they graduate from school.  Millions of middle class jobs are gone or going.  The Millennials are forced to live in their parents’ homes because they cannot buy their own.  Either because there are few good paying job options—or because they are saddled with student loan debt.
They See What Happened to Their Parents—and Grandparents.  Their role models have hired on to large corporations who dumped them when the going got tough. Right before retirement.  Before their pensions vested.  Between the evaporation of their parents stock market holdings and the inability to find a new job —the generations ahead gave the Millennials a lesson in what not to do.
The previous generations not only opted for ‘safe’ corporate jobs—that turned out not to be safe at all—they also didn’t enjoy those jobs.  It was a drudgery to go to work.  They often hated it.  But they believed the Myth that the corporation would take care of them until retirement.
Recently I spent a day at a seminar given by my friend Mark Victor Hansen and others who are now in what is one of the fastest growing occupations—coaching.
The message at Mark’s seminar was—are you ‘unemployed’, ‘underemployed’, ‘overqualified’ or just plain ‘unemployable’ (that would be most of us without jobs).  Then find a job that motivates you to get up in the morning—that makes you jump out of bed to greet a new day and go to work doing . . . . You guessed it . . . Your Passion!!!
Here are some high powered, highly paid individuals who have taken the lessons from successful entrepreneurs from all over the world—and they are telling us to do what we are passionate about—photography, cooking, massage, networking, creating apps, whatever it is - that is how you become successful.  Not sitting at a desk working, as I call it, a ‘corporate clone”.
And yes, it can be a little scary and definitely harder than signing on with someone else’s passion—but it is far more rewarding—for you, for your family, for your customers.  Who would you like to deal with—someone who loves their job or someone who is just putting in time?
The Millennials have learned this lesson early—they aren’t just lazy—they are observant.  They have seen the future and it isn’t where their parents and grandparents went—it is where Mark and these ‘coaches’ are leading us now—a little late in life for many. 
I was lucky because of my ADHD I could never work for a corporation—as I like to say, “ I would do all my work in 15 minutes and cause havoc the other 45.” So I had no option but to follow my passion—writing and reading and speaking.  I wrote my first newsletter in 3rd grade and I have never looked back.  Having a learning disability was definitely a plus for me—and that is another article for another time.
Stop bad mouthing the Millennials and love them—they are our future—and it will be a happier more fulfilled future than ours was!!  They aren’t going to waste their lives at a job they hate—they are going to have work that is also fun and rewarding!!
In her book, The Wealthy Spirit, Chellie Campbell,(2002) my favorite inspirational writer and Financial Adviser, says this, “My Work is My Play and I am Paid to Play.” Chellie has Financial Stress Reduction Seminars for those who want to enjoy their work, handle their finances, fill needs, help others and make lots of money while enjoying life.

“Let us realize that the privilege to work is a gift, the power to work is a blessing, that love of work is SUCCESS!!” . . . David O. McKay

MARLA ROLLANS. . . .. . . . . . . . . . COOK and EAT The USA

Marla Rollans is Passionate about what she does!!  She has been cooking for most of her life.  Growing up in Minnesota her grandmother Amelia spent a lot of time teaching her how to can, cook and preserve home grown food for the winter months.  At 5 she was banking pies! 
Marla grew up in Moorhead, Minnesota—a two stop-sign town about 5 minutes from Fargo North Dakota.  Winters were extremely cold and snowy, but she had a grand time sliding down her grandmother’s roof into the high drifts of snow—on waxed cardboard boxes!  Sounds like fun to me!!!  But then I am from Michigan!!
Marla attended Orange Coast College for Cooking School after discovering it was the #2 Community College Culinary School in the country.  Her teachers were Chef Bill Barber and Chef Judy Bosich.  She earned her AA, AS, and Certificate in Accounting. Marla said she loves school and loves to learn.  In fact, ‘If I had known life was so hard, I would have stayed in school”, she told me. 
Marla created Cook and Eat The USA by dividing the country into 10 regions—creating a dinner menu for each region.  Everything from Mini Cob Salads to Georgia Cornbread to New Orleans Beignets or Hawaiian Fish Roasted in Banana Leaf.  The meals are all 4-6 courses. 
When you go to her website http://www.cookandeattheusa.com you can sign up for the regional cooking class you are interested in.  Once a month Marla teaches a class based on one of the regions.  Her most popular is the Hawaiian Islands. 
Each student gets a menu packet with all the recipes and a brief description of the history of the region including classic dishes, ethnic groups and places.
As she teaches you how to cook the various dishes, Marla will teach you techniques, short cuts, how to use various kitchen gadgets and give you new confidence in the kitchen.  Her recipes are simple—anyone can make them—from a novice to any level of expertise. 
At the end of the class her students sit down with linen and silver and candles to an elegant dinner!  And a little Q and A session to see how everyone enjoyed the class—and if and how it can be improved.
Marla’s classes are taught at Harbor Christian Church, 2401 Irvine Avenue, Newport Beach. 
Marla has also used her talents to create ‘Food du Jar”.  Everything from home made soups to pesto to spreads.  Hershey’s and Irvine Ranch Farmer’s Market carry her products.  I tried her 15-bean Barley Soup with Vegetables this week!  Mike is a soup connoisseur and probably could eat good soup every night of the week if I made it.  We both loved the soup!  Worth a trip to Hershey’s. 
Marla will also do in-home parties and classes, theme classes and fund raisers for charities like Diabetes.  There are also Gluten Free Classes.
Contact Marla at 714.393.0417 or

Success is Moving from Failure to Failure with No Loss of Enthusiasm . . . . Winston Churchill

ISLAND LIGHTS . . . Mike McCleur and Damon Burris
Soon we will all need our house covered with beautiful lights and decorations to make it a winning entry in the yearly Balboa Island Christmas Lights Contest.
Damon and Mike have been decorating for me for over 10 years here and in East Bluff!  They also work in other parts of Newport Beach!
Damon 949.307.8613 and Mike 949.903.9018.

What is a popular Halloween costume for dogs?A wear WOOF! (werewolf)
What do you do if you make a mistake carving a pumpkin?
Take it to a pumpkin PATCH
What kind of horse does the headless horseman ride?
A night-MARE
(Susan’s Corny Joke Book Is Now Available on Kindle)

DEE’S TALK OF THE COAST . . . . . Dee Dawson
Where did the Summer go...?  Hard to believe we’re most of the way thru 2014 already!  And as the years pass, people come and go including our local Island neighbors.  End of this year, we will be bidding ‘farewell’ to Howard Silver, longtime Owner of Island Tee’s as retirement beckons.  We all wish you the best Howard as the ‘town go-to spot’ for all things ‘T’!!  Your comfy attire and large variety of Island styles, will be missed.  Howard was my downstairs neighbor at 319 Marine right after I arrived in town in 1993.
Other apparel news:  down at J.P. Maxwell’s there are a couple of great sale racks in the store right now - guys, get down there ASAP before all the good sizes are gone!  Check out ‘Reyn Spooner’ prints including the famous ‘Holiday Shirt’ .  Don’t forget to grab a great Cotton sport-cap to help ward off some of the intense Summer sun!  All priced under $20 and great styles.
For the gals—get over to Amore and grab a couple of easy-to-wear ‘Scrunchie Tops’ - which are COOL during the dreadful heat waves, and easy to pack for travel!  Just ‘scrunch em up’ in the palm of your hand and go!  Comes in assorted Colors and priced at only 15.00!  Check out owner ‘A.K.’s fantabulous Palazzo Pants in gorgeous prints—hem, custom cut to fit—so all heights can enjoy this sweepy look just perfectly!  Tell her I sent you and she will give you a ‘Locals Only’ discount on your purchase! 
Next door at ‘Crocker’s - Well Dressed Frank’ stop in for some delicious hot-dogs and especially BIG rave-revues on the Firehouse Chili!!  This Chili Recipe is a favorite among many—the lines can be long to get to counter.  So time your visit wisely (i.e. NOT around Lunch or Dinner!)  Barolo’s Italian Cuisine, is also getting some favorable feedback about their delicious Pastas and great service!  
imageCalling all Cruise Buffs!  I spend most of the year in San Diego and enjoy the harbor scene down there as well as up here.  It is just a MUCH larger bay, with 7 Ships stopping into Port.  Island families might like to know that the NEW Disney Ship ’Wonder’ is now stopping off in San Diego as an extended part of its ports of call.  Until now only in Florida.  
I had an opportunity to get into the restricted area on Sept. 12th to watch this GRAND ship pull into port.  Quite a spectacle to be sure, and true to signature Disney, smoke-stack blasts to the tune of “When you Wish Upon a Star”. Very cool!!!


And now for one of MY passions—
Newswoman Katie Couric and film producer Laurie David have a new mission—to teach you the real facts about food.  Everything you’ve been told up til now is wrong!
After spending years on television talking about the obesity epidemic and diabetes—Couric decided to find out why it was getting worse—not better!
The answer is simple—Low Fat = High Sugar.  And sugar is dangerous in high doses.  The World Health Organization recommends no more than 15 grams per day—that is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT!  I have a sugar tracking app on my iPhone and I do track my sugar intake.  I cut out processed foods—including most low fat Yogurt (18+ grams) , Spaghetti sauce in a jar, and those bars you think are healthy.  Read the sugar content of everything—it will amaze you!! 
Movie on DVD & Blu Ray available Oct 9— Preorder on Amazon.com

COME SEE —THURSDAYS AT 8:15 am—Newport Beach Tennis Club—Great Women, Great Networking, Great Breakfast!!

Sent to me by Jim Jennings Jr.
A note that Jim Sr. asked to be posted when he passed:
“Grieve not for me.  I have lived my life abundantly.  The problems I have been given to solve have strengthened me and enabled me to go on and solve others.  They have widened my horizons so I could see over the next hill.  It has been a life of many adventures, frustrations and Fulfillments and I wouldn’t trade it for any other that I have seen, and I have loved every minute of it!!!” Jim Jennings

711 West 17th Street
Unit H-5
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
NEW!! http://www.kampsislandflooring.com

Beautiful Craftsmanship from KAMPS ISLAND FLOORING—Wood Flooring Installation on Balboa Island
Ernest Hemmingway

TIP OF THE MONTH—Never use a Swiffer to clean your hardwood floors—Use Bona Hardwood Cleaner and a Bona Mop—these are FREE with every Kamps Island Flooring Hardwood Installation!!

SUBCONTRACTOR OF THE MONTH —Mike Gajeski—Electrician, Jim Jennings’ Grandson—And a Dedicated, Reasonably Priced, Prompt Electrician.  Call Him at 949.295.7381