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Coastal Breeze, July - August 2013, Volume 15, Issue 3


Mon July 29– Sat Aug 3 Just Plein Fun—Sunrise to Sunset
Sat Aug 4 Sandcastle Contest 9:00 am -10:00 am.
Sat Aug 3 Brush Off Contest—4:00 pm -6:00 pm
Sat Aug 24 Pancake Breakfast—8:00 am -11:00 am Beek Center Agate Avenue
SAT SEPT 7, 2013 TASTE of BALBOA ISLAND— 5 pm - 8pm Beek Center Agate AvenueP

SHOOTING THE BREEZE ..  Carolyn Carr-Kamps


Bombardier Aerospace and Pratt & Whiney have created a new plane with quiet engines from Pratt and Whitney.  The companies say the geared turbofan engines are projected to burn 20% less fuel and reduce noise. 

“They are so quiet as you come in for an approach, if you shut off the engines you can’t tell the difference.” said Alan Epstein, vice president for technology and environment at Pratt & Whitney. 

Apparently Balboa Island isn’t the only place affected by noise—the market for the quieter engines is significant, with projections for up to 25,000 aircraft over the next 20 years and as many as 50,000 engines.  So far Pratt & Whitney has orders for 3,500 orders and CFM International (which makes engines for single-aisle planes) has 4,600 orders.  The competition is on!!

The quieter engines are projected to reduce the jet’s noise 3 to 5 decibels at specific points around an airport, which is projected to shrink the zones covered by noise restrictions by 75%, according to Pratt & Whitney and CFM. 

“That means that aircraft noise, in most cases, will be contained within the confines of the airport.  The USA Today article mentions Reagan National, Dulles, Toronto, London and Stockholm as airport with noise restrictions.  John Wayne is just a little airport in the mix—but we can reap the benefits of this technology— I just wish they would hurry up!!

For the complete article just Google USATODAYShhQuieterJetsAreComing. Bart Jansen@ganjansen
The Article was first printed June 21, 2013.  USA TODAY—My favorite newspaper!


My favorite local columnist is Barbara Venezia who writes two columns—one for the Orange County Register and one for the Register’s Current Section—a free newspaper.  I am extremely impressed with how the Register has taken up the banner left behind by our Daily Pilot which seems to have lost its local focus.

Barbara recently decided to recycle her computers, cell phones, etc—but was worried about the data contained on it.  After milling through many e-waste recycling websites she found EZPC Recycle at 2518 5th Street in Santa Ana.  They not only destroy hard drives according to the Department of Defense guidelines—they will also let you witness the process!  The Goodwill does not!

In business since 1999, EZPC recycles over 200,00 pounds of electronic waste per month.  Owner Miguel Bautista says when he started in the business he was the only one in the area—now there are five e-waste recyclers close by. 

Bautista has done data destruction and e-waste recycling for the DOD, FBI, FAA and even the Library of Congress.  Barbara got to see that machine that crushes the hard drives in seconds.  As Miguel says, “Never leave your computer on the curb waiting for pick-up, anyone can grab your information.”

You can donate your electronics or get paid for them.  $7-$12 for computers, $5-$50 for Laptops and $.05/lb for TVs.  For more information go to EZpcrecycle.com. 

For the complete article see Barbara Venezia’s Column July 10, 2013 Orange County Register


“Every morning when I sign on to Facebook I look for the “Lucky Seven Scarf of the Day” .  It is always a beautiful woman wearing one of Brentano’s gorgeous scarves!  I share the picture with all my
Facebook ‘Friends’.

Brentano has been selling his scarves on the Internet from his home in Idaho for five years with much success.  He and his wife Linda visited Dana Pont every year for a month to escape the cold.

They visited Balboa Island because Linda’s grandfather had rented a house on the Island every summer of her childhood for two weeks.  Linda loved Balboa Island—her love was contagious.  After Brent visited he said, “If I ever open a retail store, it will be on Balboa Island.”

Marine Avenue reminds him of the ‘neighborhood “ in Chicago where he spent his first 24 years. The stores were all ‘mom and pop’ and the owners took pride in running their businesses.  Brentano definitely wasn’t interested in opening a store in a cookie cutter mall.

Brentano has a background in computer graphics and computer art.  He was creating computer art when there were only 124 colors and 124 shapes—on a supercomputer in Minneapolis.  He taught computer art.  He originally printed his artwork on fabric over 25 years ago.  In 1989 he became the first person to have computer generated lithographs placed into the permanent collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art! 

Every scarf Brentano creates is silk . He uses his skills to create the scarf designs—there are only 5 of each scarf created—you won’t see yourself ‘coming and going’ as he likes to say.  Pure silk scarves of the quality of Luck Seven Scarves sell at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom’s and other high end retailers for $200—$300.  My beautiful one was $85.00 and I LOVE IT!

Lucky Seven Scarves is located at 215 Marine Avenue, Suite B, Balboa Island 949.723.1796.  http://www.luckysevenscarves.com


I love seeing Mike McCluer of Island Lights. it reminds me of the prompt fabulous work he does with a smile on his face at Christmas time— hanging all the beautiful lights.
Now you can see him all year long doing home improvement jobs—electrical, plumbing, carpentry, termite damage, wood rot etc. All those little jobs that have been put on the back burner because of time constraints. 
Let Mike help you!  Call him @949.903.9018


Steven’s Pharmacy—I have used Steven’s Pharmacy for my compounded medication for 20 years.  Recently I switched all my and Mike’s medication there.  Mike has no insurance and his prescriptions were becoming expensive.  Stevens will MATCH Costco prices—the least expensive around.  That even saved me money on medications that my insurance plan does not cover.  And they deliver for $6.00.  Great for seniors who don’t drive or mother’s on the go!  Steven’s Pharmacy 1525 Mesa Verde Drive, Costa Mesa 92626 714.540.8911.
Steven’s Pharmacy & Compounding Center

GoBank is New, (theoretically) free and Totally Mobile. 

GoBank is the first bank designed specifically for mobile use.  It is FDIC-insured, offers both a checking and savings account, a debit card, mobile check deposit, bill pay, person-to-person payments, a budgeting tool, direct deposit and 42,000 ATMS.  There are no fees for anything!  You can set your monthly fee—from $0 -$9/month. 
Designed for Millennials, open to everyone!

FINALLY...HERE IT IS! smile smile smile
How to clean your cookie sheets--Kitchen “Miracle” Cleaner!
You put about 1/4 cup of baking soda in a small glass bowl and squirt in hydrogen peroxide until it makes a nice paste. Then you rub it on the offending dirt/stain/grease...whatever!
You can usually just use your fingers...but you can also use a small sponge as well.


Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th  of July!  This Summer, I am spending along the coast several hundred miles to the North!  Soaking in the rural beauty of the ‘Central Coast’ and all it’s vast open spaces.  I was quite fortunate to secure a coveted spot right on a Lakefront rental, premium ranchland owned by Alex Madonna, Owner of the iconic “Madonna Inn”.  In addition to gazing out the window @ the changing skies over the lake, I have enjoyed many road-trips up & down to points North and South (of San Luis Obispo).  Today I will be sharing a few favorite ‘snap-shots’ of some highly recommended spots you’ll want to enter into your ‘Must-See’ log.  
Coming from multiple Beach communities I have resided over the last (15) years, I thought I had seen it all.   Of course, everyone’s heard of ‘Morro Bay’ and it’s famous rock - a huge Tourist attraction year-round.  However, how many of you out there have heard of a charming little sea-shanty town called, ‘Cayucos’?  It sits about 4 mi. North of Morro taking Highway 101 straight thru.  For those of us from Balboa Island, you would instantly tap into this 1-1.2 mi. stretch of Antique shops, B & B’s and Country stores as “Small Town USA”.  The key difference here, the entire town is draped by rolling green pastures where cattle quietly graze the hillside;  both rural and beach - a wonderful combination.  I was there for their ‘Annual 4th of July Parade’ thru town & Pancake Brkfst. - reminicsent of BI and (our) Summer Parade.  The Parade & Fireworks off the Pier are so popular throughout SLO County, I am told the B & B’s are booked a year out!  Many charming little rustic Seafood restaurants line the main street, as well as the super rustic ‘Saloon & Tavern’ - still standing, original facade dated 1908!  This was a day to remember.  Warning adviser:   this small town is be-set with the same foggy conditions as Morro Bay - and you never quite know ‘when’ it is going to strike!  Always try to check conditions ahead before driving up....this fog is fickle, and can be menacing!  For those of you who are connoisseurs of good Wine, you will be in heaven once you enter SLO County!  Paso Robles is known for its numerous Wineries of which most, can be accessed by driving down Hgwy. 46 

You’ll want to grab your camera all along the way - passing  Farmhouses and gorgeous Estates one after the other, all offering ‘Wine-Tastings’ as cattle and horses peacefully stand nearby.  The actual town of Paso is ‘simply charming’ and a complete step back in time to days of Mayberry!  Older buildings stand in their original condition, framing the Town-Square and park.  Most of the stores are generic and not ‘chain’ establishments - which is a City ordinance to hold it’s quaint charm-factor in place.  Another Wine region back south away, is the rich farming-town of Arroyo Grande, known for its famous ‘Laeticia Wine Cellars’.  Shot some gorgeous photos all through the Vineyards there!  For beach-goers, you’ll want to drive out to Avila Beach - and pier.  (Yes you’ll have to pass the dreaded ‘Diablo Canyon’ Nuclear plant to access pier!)  Gorgeous views and a super cute little ‘boardwalk beachfront-community’.  Take a drive all the way down to the end of road to Pier, which backs up to a Cove.  The waters are turquoise blue right off the Wharf there, and clear to the bottom.  Stop into the fresh Seafood Restaurant, and have a romantic dinner w/ awesome views of Avila Bay. Also, while seen mostly as a ‘Tourist Attraction’ for weary travelers stopping off the Hgwy. the ‘Madonna Inn’ actually has a very GOOD Wine Cellar on tap!  I sampled their Madonna-signature label ‘White Zin’ as well as a few others, and they were all excellent!  (Reasonably priced too @
only 19.00 a bottle!) 

The Steak Restaurant ‘Venetian’ in the Hotel is also very good, known for its premium cuts of beef.  Many ‘locals’ come here w/ their families, for a fancy night out on the town!  The Bakery has also put this Hotel on the map - ‘Sky-High’ custom made layer cakes w/ white-chocolate shavings for topping - YUM - slightly on the pricey side, but that never discourages the many Tourists who take them back home!  So many sights to see - so little column space to list them all!  Have a great rest of the Summer!

“Giant Blue Whale Watching Summer/Fall 2013 . Enjoy $16 Whale Watching Special”
Giant blue whales were once considered quite rare off Newport Beach, but over the last five years this has changed dramatically with hundreds-thousands of giant blue whales spotted each year.  Over 1100 giant blue whales were viewed from May-October with multiple blue whales sighted during one whale watching cruise, a regular occurrence.  Along with viewing blue whales, finback whales (second largest whale) are also frequently viewed as well as the smaller minke whales.  Humpback whales and even killer whales are also possible during the summer and fall months. Giant pods of common and bottlenose dolphin are also very common with mega pods numbering a thousand or more dolphins quite frequent as well and amazing to witness.
Join Newport Landing’s whale watching cruises offered multiple times daily from Balboa Penisula in Newport Beach and view the largest creatures on earth.
Phone 949-675-0551
Address 309 Palm Street Suite A Newport Beach Ca 92661.
Times 10 am, 1 pm, 3:30 pm, & 6:00 pm daily. (2 1/2 hour whale watching cruise)

Price $16 Whale Watching Cruise Special
Website http://www.newportwhales.com,
Offer http://www.newportwhales.com/newport_beach_whale_watch_offer.html



711 W. 17th Street Suite H-5
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
949.422-8569 (Cell)

You are our only focus while you shop—Just You!



Caesarstone—the Leader in Quartz Countertops

Caesarstone quartz surfaces are the ultimate combination of nature and technology. Non-porous, scratch resistant and highly resistant to stains, Caesarstone retains its beauty without sealants or waxes and is almost maintenance-free. Ideal for any interior space, Caesarstone stone surfaces have four times the flexural strength and double the impact resistance of granite while impressively outperforming marble.

Come and see all the beautiful new colors that Caesarstone has to offer you!!