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September, 2007, Volume 9, Issue 6

DEC. 12-16 99th NEWPORT BEACH BOAT PARADE—6:30 pm—8:30 pm
MAY 3 & 4 2008 2008 ALL ISLAND GARAGE SALE Info Call 949.422.8570

SHOOTING THE BREEZE.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  ..  . Carolyn L. Carr
imageGolf Carts are a great way to get around on Balboa Island.  I bought my first one in 1997.  We use ours to run to Marine Avenue on errands, to pick up clients, to deliver samples and to go just about anywhere we can without a car.  It is a great alternative vehicle.  But it is still a vehicle.  And as long as it is used on California streets it has to be licensed by the DMV.  Which is why I am writing this article. 

There are several local dealers who have contacted me and asked to be linked to http://www.balboa-island.com since they sell and repair golf carts.  The first thing I ask is, “Do you sell licensed golf carts—I cannot recommend you unless you do, because once the golf cart is sold to a Balboa Island resident it becomes a hassle to license it.” None of them have replied that they do and several of my neighbors have encountered the unlicensed golf cart issue. 

When we ran into problems with our first golf cart.  We sold it and went to Electric Cart Distributors in Rancho Mirage (71-411 Highway 111, 800.476.5642) and purchased our current cart.  They sell new and used licensed golf carts and will deliver here on Balboa Island. There may be other golf cart companies that sell licensed golf carts, and I am not a sales person for Electric Cart Distributors, but I know it will save you time, trouble with the police and money if you buy a licensed golf cart.  I get calls all the time from Balboa Island and other parts of Newport Beach because they find my old Golf Cart Clinic article on Google.  I really thought we educated everyone back in November of 2004 when we held the clinic and gave out paperwork for over 30 of the old golf carts on the Island—it was a one time event.  Now everyone has to be aware.  And if we are, the dealers will have to learn to be as proactive proactive as Electric Cart Distributors.  If Electric Cart can do it , the rest of them can—it should be part of doing business.  So lets make the golf cart dealers here in Orange County step up to the plate and be responsible—or we can have our new and used carts delivered to us from the desert!!

I recently visited Crystal Cove again. My favorite place on the Orange County coast.  Did you know you can get married on the deck there over looking the ocean?  I didn’t.  There had been a wedding on the Saturday night we checked in and the desk clerk Jennifer told me about several of the weddings that had taken place in the past year.

imageJennifer’s favorite was last December 2nd.  It was dark because that time of year it gets dark early and the caterers brought in street lights and had round tables with beautiful blue table cloths.  In the center of each table was a container of sand with seashells and one candle—very elegant and beautiful.

Jennifer said one couple—or the caterers—built a wall of lattice around the deck area—making it a very private affair.  From very fancy to very informal, there is at least one wedding a weekend. This past weekend there were two on Saturday night—one on the beach and one on the deck. 

I can’t imagine a more gorgeous place to get married—the sunset—the ocean—the sand—the sea air—and your friends and family.  If you are interested contact the Crystal Cove State Park Historical District Special Events Coordinator at 949.494.3539.

BALBOA ISLAND ICONS . Doris Lee, Coldwell Banker

Balboa Island has been enriched by icons like Maxine Sutherlen who became a survivor of the Depression when people coped by perseverance and ingenuity.

imageMaxine lost her mother when she was three and was raised by grandparents.  She actually remembers walking in the harsh Wisconsin winters to a grade school with no cafeteria.  Being stylish meant wearing black stockings and galoshes.  There was no TV!!  Ice skating in “clamp skates” was a favorite diversion.  Maxine and her friends enjoyed the public library the most.  There they constantly read books.  To this day her avid reading is evidenced by her living room shelves full of books.
After high school Maxine joined her sister in Los Angeles and met George Sutherlen.  He was a body guard for the sons of the Doheny Oil Family.  George worked 4 years to save money for their marriage; the date for the wedding was set for December 11, 1941.  Pearl Harbor intervened on December 7th—so they were married in Reno.

Maxine and George relocated to Harvard, Massachusetts where George, a USC graduate, worked for the Department of Defense.  George invented “Windows” -a tinfoil material—that was dropped constantly over enemy territory because it disrupted radar on enemy guns and doubtless saved many American planes and lives.

imageGeorge’s father built a home on Coral in 1936.  In 1968, after George inherited the house, they moved there, only enjoying it a few months before George passed away.  Maxine remained there, endured two more losses—both sons—from illness and accident.  Maxine has two daughters, grandchildren, friends and her feisty Dachshund “Peanuts” - all of whom play an important in her life.

At 92 Maxine still drives to Hoag Hospital two times a month to work in the gift shop.  She also works once a month at the Balboa Island Museum and Historical Society.  Her resilient roots from an era of “survivors” are part of the stability and character of Balboa Island.

Would you like to be saluted as a Balboa Island ICON—please call Doris Lee @949.280.0607 or e-mail dorislee@coldwell banker.com.

HEALING PAUSE by Faith Bowlus

What a soothing morning this was, one that really put me at ease after Don’s crisis of three days ago.  I went to see a friend whose life centers around her garden, a garden that comes as close to a “Secret Garden” as any I’ve seen.

We sat under my friend’s fruit-laden apricot trees, and were surrounded by bushes bursting with berries and tall stands of flowers.  The weather was idyllic: blue skies, warm air, a gentle breeze.  Bird song made the scene complete.

We spoke of the meaningful things of life, and touched on the particular tenderness of a marriage at a time when its days could be numbered.  How keenly attuned this friend is to the small wonders many take for granted.  She is unhampered by social protocol in her near childlike awe.

I left her later, my arms filled with the bounty of her garden: apricots, plums, squash and avocado.  Mainly, I left flowing with peace.

Faith Bowlus—1994

ISLAND LIGHTS—Professional Christmas Lightingimage

IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN—to start planning for Christmas and hanging those Christmas lights.  I am too busy to even think about things like that.  That is where Damon Burris and Mike McCluer, Island Lights come to the rescue every year. 

Damon and Mike have been hanging my Christmas lights every year and doing a wonderful job!  They have many Island clients including award winning houses like the Busby house.  I am always amazed how different my house looks using the same strings of lights year after year. I love to come home and see my house glowing with Christmas cheer.

Mike and Damon can use your lights or buy lights for you if you don’t have time.  And they will promptly repair any problem caused by wind, rain or light failure. 

Give Island Lights a call at 949.903.9018 or 949.307.8613.


OCTOBER should be a very special month at one of my favorite Island Boutiques—Let’s Go Shopping. Owner Jodi Carr has a new partner, Kellie Savage and a new focus for Let’s Go Shopping.  The store has been closed for two weeks for remodeling.  They have been hard at work painting, hanging new light fixtures, putting in new shelving and creating an overall new look for Let’s Go Shopping.  And they have done an outstanding job!
There are new clothes for contemporary women of all ages.  Jody and Kelly have brought in beautiful clothes that I can’t wait to try on.  I saw lots of yoga wear including some yoga pants for $29.00 in black and brown that I really could use.  Beautiful sleepwear, hooded sweaters, yummy jackets—all at reasonable prices.  There are also gift items—candles in all shapes and sizes. 

Stop in during the Grand Opening beginning September 29th and see the beautiful new décor, buy some new clothes, enjoy a drink and some appetizers and say hi to Jody and Kellie.  Let’s Go Shopping is located at 114 Agate Avenue 949.723.1169.
Our local chiropractor, Christie Collier is opening Spa on the Bay by Island Chiropractic—I have been getting massages lately from Kelly at the Spa and I have to say my body is loving it.  My good friend Mary Hardesty initially gave me the gift of my first massage and since then I am trying to get my body to stop being so unhappy about sitting in front of a computer all day.  It isn’t an easy task, but the people at the Spa on the Bay are up to the challenge—especially Kelly. 

Spa on the Bay offers Massage, Signature Facials and Peels, Microdermabrasion, Colon Hydrotherapy and Infrared Sauna Therapy.  There are Grand Opening Specials for Both Spa on the Bay and Island Chiropractic featured on the flyer in this newsletter—make sure you use at least one of these money saving coupons.
Island Chiropractic is Located at 128 Agate Avenue, Suite C 949.723.0702, & Spa on the Bay is located at 502 South Bayfront , 949.723.0202.

With Football season in Full swing—Island Style should be called Island Sports—in fact I may do just that if things keep going they way they have been!!  I love meeting sports fans from all over Southern California and the country.  Our Doormats and flags havehave been selling like gang busters—and we have finally added some new ones—in the past twelve months I have gotten my Georgia-based rug company to get the licensing rights to Cal Berkeley, University of California Irvine and Arizona State.  And I have several styles of all the local school flags—including 8’banners and 11’ tall Team Flags.

I have also found a source for the much requested San Diego State and University of San Diego, as well as Long Beach State, Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach, Fresno, Wyoming, New Mexico, New Mexico State, Fresno and several others.  It has been a lot of detective work—but it has been rewarding.  Of course, we still sell our USC, UCLA, Michigan, Notre Dame, etc. in sizes from 18” x 24” to 3 x 5 and even mats for the cars.  I don’t have as much storage space as I would like—so to be sure I have your favorite school come in and preorder at least 6 weeks before Christmas. 

Our Dynasty Banners have been a huge hit this year—beautiful wool banners that list all of the Championship years for both football and basketball teams—I sold one lady 3 UCLA ones for her grandchildren!! I also have MLB and NFL flags and some rugs—come and see—it is a fun place to be!!!  Island Style is located at 118 Agate Avenue 949.675.6511

My grandchildren were here visiting lately—they come every summer whether I am ready or not!!  And I love it.  This year because of circumstances beyond my control I sent them to our time share in the desert with my son—and I didn’t get to go. 
When they returned they had forgotten the laundry detergent I sent with them and my son wanted to know what it was.  He said the boys loved the smell of their clothes.  I do too—but I think it is amazing that two teenage boys noticed.
I use biodegradable products made by Method—”People Against Dirty”.  I use their Laundry Detergent, Softener, Dishwashing Liquid, Dishwasher Detergent, Stainless Steel Cleaner, Wood Polish, All Purpose Cleaner—all non-toxic and biodegradable.  We need to worry about our water quality. 
Go to http://www.methodhome.com and then Quick Shop—order your products and get 50% off ground shipping.  I really love cleaning and helping the earth at the same time.


IN 1981 I tried to start a house cleaning company using only organic products—I was way ahead of my time—but finally my time has come!!!  The world is turning green and it is none too soon.  And my industry is paying attention. 

But first I would like to digress. A recent article in the newspaper talked about the best way to go green. Was it buying a Prius?  Tanking up with ethanol?  Putting up Solar Panels?  Nope. None of these options were the best.  The best way to go green was to live closer to work. Forty percent of greenhouse gasses come from transportation.  That is why the tremendous new interest in mixed use housing and lofts.

And what is closer than above your work.  That is where we live—above our work—above Island Flooring.  And how do we travel to our customers? In the golf cart or walking whenever we can.  So basically the only transportation costs in using Island Flooring are the ones involving bringing the installers/products to the job site for the installation.  That is a huge savings for our planet.

We are not the only ones who live and work on the Island—using Island Businesses is a great way to save time and money if you factor in the gas and wear and tear on your automobile.  We on Balboa Island are some of the people who have the resources to save our planet.  Even if the purchase price of an item at an Island Business is a little more versus WalMart or Target.  The business has to pay the rent or property taxes on Balboa Island just like the homeowners.  I always try to use an Island Business first. And a lot of my neighbors say they do to.  I am grateful that I can walk to the corner and get a fresh avocado - or a haircut.  I have lived in a lot of other places before being lucky enough to come to Balboa Island.

Back to saving the planet on another level. 

For years people have come to me and asked about bamboo—a quick growing resource that is an environmentally great choice for floors, countertops, cabinets. I have even seen clothes and towels made from bamboo.  Usually it was young people who were looking for inexpensive flooring.  And I always said the same thing, “Use a bamboo that is commercially rated so that you do not have a problem with floor dings”.  I had a friend who bought inexpensive bamboo and had to cover the floor to protect it for resale value—that was not her intention when she bought the floor. 

Finally, I have found a bamboo floor that I personally can recommend—it is called Teragren.  Teragren is harvested at maturity which makes it hard—25% harder than oak—12% harder than maple and all this in a 6 year growth span versus 80 years for a hardwood tree.  There is a complete brochure about Teragren and its products—all available at Island Flooring—in this issue of the Island Breeze—come on in and see how beautiful they are !

And don’t think this is the last you will hear about recycled or environmentally correct products—there is recyclable carpet and recycled glass, and countertops made from recycled products and I will go on and on because I love the earth and my children and grandchildren!!!