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November-December, 2008 Volume 10, Issue 7

SUN DEC. 7 BALBOA ISLAND HOLIDAY HOME TOUR—11 am—4 pm Tickets Available at Even Sisters, Island Home, Let’s Go Shopping, Martha’s Bookstore, Persimmon Tree, and The Gift Box.
DEC 17—21 NEWPORT HARBOR BOAT PARADE—Starts 6:30 pm at Bay Island - New Route This Year.
FIREWORKS AT 6:30 pm at end of Balboa Pier on December 17 http://www.Christmasboatparade.com
MAY 2, 2009 ALL ISLAND GARAGE SALE 7:30 am—3:00 pm

SHOOTING THE BREEZE.  . . . . . . . . .  . . Carolyn Carr

First and Foremost a thousand apologies to the Ettiennes for the heading on their Balboa Island Icon article last month.  It seems no matter how many people proof read the newsletter there is always something that slips by.  This time it was a huge mistake.  I am so sorry.

The end of 2008 approaches and it seems that things keep changing more and more on our little Island.  We have lost a lot of people who have been really important to me in the past 19 years that I have lived here.  Betsy Boyd, Joanne Cooper, Nancy Epson, Bill Murray, Martin of Picante Martins.  Wow.  We really are losing a whole generation and an important one at that.  I will miss them all .

imageHealth has been an issue with me most of my life.  My father was a doctor, my mother a nurse and my first husband was one of those dreaded dentists.  That is just my immediate adopted family.  There were many other relatives in the health professions.  I wanted to be a doctor and could have gotten into medical school, but my father saw where the medical profession was headed and told me “no way”—get a degree in Business .  I still wish I had followed my dream—and Mike teasingly calls me “Dr. Carr” when he isn’t calling me “Detective Carr”.

I spent a good portion of the 60s and early 70s in Ann Arbor, Michigan—home of hippies and health nuts.  I was part of the nuts.  In fact when I moved to California my mother was sure I had found my home with all the other “fruits and nuts” who lived here smile That was the conventional wisdom of the time.  In any event, I read Adele Davis, Prevention, threw out all the sugar and white flour in the house and cleaned up my nutrition act .  My greatest experiment was the homemade whole wheat bagels that my boys used as hockey pucks!!!

The combination of health nut mom and dentist dad produced kids who didn’t eat much sugar—the one who did hid it under his mattress—and read nutrition labels on the food they eat.  Unfortunately my grandsons’ mother thinks sugar is a basic food group and I cringe when I watch the two boys eat.  But as they say—if it doesn’t have my name on it—it isn’t my business.

Now to the point of this ramble.  Recently I had knee problems and was scheduled for a knee replacement.  Imagine my surprise when I received a
“Pre-Surgical Guided Imagery Program” CD to listen to prior to surgery to help with the healing process.  Holy Cow!!  This is the kind of stuff I have been doing for years—there have been thousands of these tapes for various conditions available for the past 40 years that I know of—they were actually tapes then—and were pooh-poohed by the medical establishment.  Here is Blue Shield discovering 40 years later that it actually works!!  And there are also, according to the included literature—CDs for Diabetes, MS, Radiation Therapy, Healthy Heart, Asthma, Depression, Sleep, Stress and double Holy Cow—Affirmations!!!  My father is spinning in his grave faster than when I first went to a Chiropractor!!

I am all for the medical establishment coming to the party.  But there is a bigger event they are still ignoring—do we have to wait another 40 years to catch up? They have barely scratched the surface of vitamins and nutrition—and when they discover something does work they try to reformulate and patent it.  It is all about money— NOT health. 

I have taken natural hormones for 15 years—no horse urine for this girl—as far as I know my body has never had a shortage of horse urine.  Through the medical community’s seesaw of ”take hormones”—”don’t take hormones”—”take hormones” ; I kept on my bioidenticals.  I am fine.  I have the bones of a 35 year old which I attribute to the hormones, good nutrition and the fact that I have rarely drank calcium leaching soda in my life.  God was good to me when he gave me taste buds and parents—sugar was never something I loved—and soda—Yech!!!

When I was talking to the nurse from Blue Shield she also told me to eat chicken soup for my cold—Amazing!!!  Mike had just brought me a bowl of steaming hot chicken soup from Picante Martin’s.  Conventional wisdom is back in force!

I could go on and on. I like doctors.  With insurance companies and the legal system mucking up their practices they have come to rely only on the information given to them by the detail men sent by the pharmaceutical companies.  They do try.  But there is a whole lot of common sense and other alternatives out there. Talk to people, read, learn, investigate alternative medicine, - it is your body.  Remember there were people who thrived before Western Medicine was even invented.  And there is always a little prayer that doesn’t hurt.  The Insurance companies are finally waking up to all this—we should too!!

Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.  And tell your doctor what his insurance company is doing to help in alternative ways—she probably doesn’t even know!!!

I know God will not give me anything I can’t handle.  I just wish he didn’t trust me so much. . . Mother Teresa


As the Holidays approach and many stagger out of a year of uncertainty, I want to pay tribute to a certainty that always rises above everything. . . “Island Spirit”!!

Coming to Balboa Island in 1981 I had been a realtor in three states and many other communities.  Instantly I sensed some intangible differences in the way the Islanders came together as a small town—friendly, “corny”.  They used any excuse to decorate—Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc.  There were Community Barbeques and Pancake Breakfasts and Parades with lots of dogs and children!!  Christmas with the Christmas Tree Lighting and snow.  Camaraderie abounded.  I call it “Island Spirit”!!

It was my privilege to write about many long time “island Icons” who helped create and preserve our Spirit.  A mix of business owners and/or residents—Amelia (Amelia’s Restaurant), Chuck Lehman (Idell’s Gift Shop), Maxwell (JP Maxwell), Steve Bromberg (former Newport Beach Mayor), Lenore (Laraway’s Notion Store), Ettiennes, Nords, McConvilles, Ruth Barden, Maxine Sutherlen and Joanie Cooper.

I have only scratched a surface of unsung contributors who “Keep the Flame Alive” to name a Few: Carolyn Carr and Mike Kamps who own Island Flooring and crank out the monthly Island Breeze, launch the May “All Island Garage Sale” and http://www.balboa-island.com .  Ellis Morcos is President of the Island Improvement Association and is always seen flipping pancakes, barbequing and organizing the voting at the Fire Station.  The Hoofe’s—Father and Son—assemble spectacular holiday decorations on their shop at 215 Marine Avenue.

Sadly we lost a few Pioneers in 2008—Lenore Layaway, Giorgio and Martin (Picante Martin’s).  Long time realtors Martha Anweiler, Betsy Boyd, Lora Vance and Joanie Cooper.  They all will be missed.

I look forward to writing about more “Island Icons” who make the “island Spirit” what it is.  It is good to remember every day is a “Gift” - That is why they call it the present.  Especially when you can be part of Balboa Island and the wonderful community that lives here.

Would you like to be saluted as a Balboa Island ICON—please call Doris Lee @ 949.280.0607 or e-mail


Time for those beautiful Christmas Lights - and our Friends at Island Lighting—Damon and Mike are ready to decorate your house for the holidays.  Give them a call at 949.307.8613 or 949.903.9018. 
Or you can stop them as they deliver the Island Breeze—without them you would not be reading this issue at your home.



Local Balboa Island Resident will care for your special pets.
Please call Valerie.

3 Story—3 Bedroom—3 Bath
Pier w/Boat Mooring
Yearly Lease $6,500/month

Bright, Airy, Quiet Studio Apartment w/Sleeping Loft. 
Queen Sized Bed– Super Comfortable!!
DirecTv in Living and Sleeping Areas. Wireless Internet Access.
Kitchenette. We Supply the Linens and the Coffee!!!

Need a Fax or a Copy - Or an Airline Ticket Printed Out.
Come to Island Flooring.
We even do short run copy jobs—NO NEED TO LEAVE THE ISLAND and go to Staples—ask Becky at Marina Sailing—she walks across the street and does all her copying error-free here!!
118 Agate Avenue 949.675.3456. 
FAX NUMBER 949.675.4348

DEE’s BALBOA ISLAND TALK . . . . . . . . . . Dee Dawson

While toasty temperatures may belie the season it is, in fact, Autumn Harvest.  A time when we all stop and look forward to annual home gatherings and artfully designed dinner tables culminating in . . . Thanksgiving!!! I compiled a resourceful listing of some of our Marine Avenue merchants who are eager to meet with all hour Holiday needs.

imageWhen turkey-time arrives we are lucky each year to need only pick up the phone then take a stroll around the corner.  I am referring to
Hershey’s Market.  Once again contact “John” over at the Deli counter.  As always he welcomes all orders and pound specifications.  I am advised that with Thanksgiving approaching soon that the earlier you phone in your order the better!  Call now!! 673.0330.  Also, keep an eye out for your favorite wine to go with dinner.  They have a sizeable collection from which to choose.  Do check out the colorfully fresh produce for your favorite harvest recipes!!  Delivery is always available.

If you are anything like me you love to decorate your home with traditional accents this time of year.  I stopped into the Gift Box, 208 Marine Avenue and quickly noted the lovely Buyer’s Choice Pilgrim Family collection—complete with one little Indian!  Each piece averages around $60-70. These are timeless treasures.  Take note of the darling “Gingerbread Houses” - they come in a few different styles, each ‘deliciously’ charming and perfect for Christmas.

A few doors down stop into Olive Oil and Beyond.  This gourmet store features an incredible collection of ‘pure’ Olive Oils as well as 14 non-balsamic vinegars.  I was advised that the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is among the rarest ever marketed in the US.  On a purely medicinal note, many of the stores 85 varieties assist in some form of healing capacity.  Olive Oil is NOT just for cooking anymore!!  In addition you will want to take note of the fabulous assortment of pastas the store carries including unique corn pasta featured in corkscrew, ribbon, shells and bow-tie cuts.  Any of these make for great gifts to ship to your favorite Gourmet or Hostess.  Visit the store soon at 210 Marine Avenue or at their website: http://www.OliveOilandBeyond.com

imageWe all need lovely fresh cut arrangements for our holiday tables.  Every Island resident can have just that by simply walking down to IN BLOOM Fine Florals at 114 Agate Avenue .  They will arrange a fabulous floral creation of your choice to either keep in home or send w/warm thoughts for the Holiday.  Can’t stop by?  Pick up the phone and Order ASAP at 949.675.9484.  (Ed. Note—we send In Bloom flowers as ‘thank yous’ to our Island Flooring clients and always call to see where they came from so they can use their service in the future!!!)

The Rick Sherman Duo will be at the Village Inn on the First Friday of Each Month through December and on Friday December 19th during the Christmas Boat Parade
Now Playing at the Village Inn the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month and at the Newport Beach Yacht Club the 1st and 3rd Sunday afternoons of each month.  Also at the Villa Nova EVERY TUESDAY 8 pm—12:00 am

TIPS OF THE MONTH. . . . . . . . . .
Recently Mike needed some pants altered in a couple of days.  He tried our local alterations place with no success and then he remembered another business he had used for some leather work.  Sew What, 177 Riverside Drive Suite D, Newport Beach, 92663.  By the Post Office on Riverside.  They had his pants done in a day and actually said they could have done it same day.  And for less money.  Call them at 949.642.7888 or 949.202.6250.
A new book—I loved it—it was fun and serious at the same time.  Some Orthodox Christians are calling it heresy, but it is more thought provoking.  The name of the book—The Shack - by Paul Young.  Comes in paperback and hardback at Martha’s Bookstore.  Enjoy!!!
Now that banks are merging Internet scammers are taking advantage.  Remember never give out your Social Security number or account numbers on the internet.  Call your bank—go to your branch.  Identity theft takes years to untangle.  For SEC tips on separating the good from the bad visit http://www.sec.gov/investor/pubs/cyberfraud/newsletter.htm

ISLAND STYLE HAS ALL THE COLLEGE, NFL, NBA, MLB FLAGS and DOORMATS—ALL THE TIME—And now we have License Plate Frames, Travel Mugs, Cell Phone Charms, Puzzles, Decals and More Coming in Every Day—Come and Visit us on the way to IN BLOOM
118 Agate Avenue Unit B

118 Agate Avenue Unit C
Balboa Island, CA 92662
949.675-4348 (Fax)
949.422-8569 (Cell

Money can buy Happiness—but only if you spend it on others.  “We’re significantly happier when spending pro-socially” - on gifts or charity— says the University of British Columbia’s Elizabeth Dunn, Ph.D., who led a survey of Americans.  The difference was seen at all income levels and even when volunteers were given five bucks and a random assignment to spend it either on themselves or on others.  Plus, the good feeling lasts six to eight weeks longer than that glow from your vacation—Gina Roberts-Grey (AARP Magazine November & December 2008)

Why am I mentioning this? With the coming Holiday season we are putting in a lot of floors, showers and countertops—from bathrooms to living rooms to whole houses.  People aren’t willing to deal with the hassles of traveling—instead they are staying home with family and friends.  Not a bad thing at all!!  And they want their house to put on the most beautiful face it can.

With Island Flooring you can beautify your house and “earn” a little bit of happiness at the same time.  We will donate 10% of your total Invoice to your favorite charity .  And this year every charity needs help—from food banks to the Red Cross.  Help yourself and help others.  Come and see Island Flooring today!!

If you are “quality driven” come and see us.  Our prices are competitive and installation is the step that makes or breaks the job.  A great installation is the final step in a great job.  We have lots of rave reviews!
We will work to make sure your job goes smoothly from start to finish!

The Island Breeze
PO Box 5930
Balboa Island, CA 92662